Single Ladies Season 3 Episode 1

Single Ladies, Season 3 Episode 1, is available to watch and stream on VH1. You can also buy, rent Single Ladies on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes online. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, One Wedding and a Funeral, A wedding brings the ladies back together.... Keisha returns from a long trip abroad and reunites with Raquel and April at a friend's wedding, while Malcolm deals with a stunning family revelation. Season 1. Season 1 ; Season 2 ; Season 3 ... Single Ladies - Movie . Subscribe. S1 E2 Jun 05, 2011 . Cry Me a River . Subscribe. S1 E3 Jun 12, 2011 . Indecent Proposal . Subscribe. S1 E4 Jun 19, 2011 . Confidence Games ... A wedding brings the ladies back together, reuniting Raquel and April with Keisha after three months apart. Raquel meets an exciting new man, but also receives news that forces her to turn her focus back toward Indulgence. April meets a powerful music manager, Felicia Price (LeToya Luckett), who offers her a job... if she can prove herself.

How It Could've Gone Down: A Reimagining of S8 (Episode 6 - Part 2)

2020.10.22 17:04 mctheebs How It Could've Gone Down: A Reimagining of S8 (Episode 6 - Part 2)

Catch up here with Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6 - part 1.
SANSA stands before DANY in chains. She looks dirty and tired but has a quiet dignity about her. She stares straight at the queen holding her prisoner with contempt in her eyes. GREY WORM stands next to DANY, who is seated on the throne, with a line of UNSULLIED behind him. TYRION and VARYS stand further off to one side.
DANY tells SANSA that she is accused of collaborating with CERSEI and undermining DANY’s effort to claim the IRON THRONE. She goes on to say that though the punishment for such betrayal would be death under normal circumstances, she wants to create a better, more peaceful and just kingdom and so is graciously offering to pardon SANSA of all her past crimes if she agrees to bend the knee to her and pledge both her own loyalty and the loyalty of the NORTHMEN to DANY.
EVERYONE is basically holding their breath waiting for SANSA’s answer. She glances back at the people watching in the back and looks over at TYRION, who silently pleads for her to agree, then moves on to GREY WORM, who stares at her with naked scorn before finally comes back to DANY, whose face is a neutral mask. SANSA says that she will not.
DANY blinks, clearly not expecting that answer. TYRION scrambles before the throne and tries to smooth things over, but SANSA cuts him off and says that she will not bend the knee and neither will the NORTHMEN. She says that she would rather die than serve a queen like her. DANY turns to GREY WORM and tells him to oblige the lady by taking her to the DRAGONPITS.
GREY WORM and the UNSULLIED take SANSA and lead her out of the THRONE ROOM.
The sun appears to be setting. The UNSULLIED lead a procession of SANSA, GREY WORM, DANY, TYRION, and everyone else who was in the THRONE ROOM through the city to the DRAGONPIT. As they walk, TYRION begs SANSA to change her mind, telling her that if she dies, the NORTHMEN will take up arms and everyone who survives will almost certainly be wiped out by the ARMY OF THE DEAD. SANSA says that perhaps it’s better that they all get wiped out because it is only a matter of time before they die by DANY’s hand. ARYA follows the procession by sneaking around through alleyways and rooftops like she’s the main character of Assassin’s Creed: Westeros.
They get to the DRAGONPIT and DROGON and RHAEGAL look up like they’ve just been woken up from a nap. GREY WORM marches SANSA into the center of the pit. DANY asks her if she has any final words. Snow falls gently around her as the last light of the sun disappears. She says winter has come. DANY gives the order to burninate and the dragons light SANSA up, briefly illuminating the pit before it falls back into thick, black darkness.
ARYA watches her sister’s body collapse into a smoldering heap from a distance and a brief flicker of sorrow passes over her face before disappearing behind a wall of cold calculation. She starts heading toward the NORTHMEN’s camp.
SAM TARLY comes running in as fast as his legs could carry him to bring the news of the ARMY OF THE DEAD’s arrival. He calls out for DANY and is horrified to see that the throne room is empty. He looks around and can’t find any sign of anyone.
ARYA steps into the camp, which is lit by a crackling campfire and a ring of torches. The wind blows and a light snow falls. She calls the men to arms and tells them that SANSA STARK has been executed by the dragon queen. The NORTHMEN are fucking furious because SANSA was actually really good at her job and they get their swords and armor together and start marching on KING’S LANDING.
SAM nearly falls down the stairs as he flies through the castle trying to find anyone important to tell that the attack from the ARMY OF THE DEAD is imminent. He nearly runs straight into DAVOS, who is wandering around the castle contemplating his many regrets and sputters out to him that the ARMY OF THE DEAD is about to attack and they need to prepare to defend the city. DAVOS looks like he’s about to puke his guts up and the two of them run through the castle trying to find anyone else who can rally the defenses. They find THE HOUND and BRIENNE and GENDRY sitting around drinking and SAM and DAVOS tell them that it’s time to defend the city, as the ARMY OF THE DEAD is finally attacking. THE HOUND makes some crack about how it’s taken them long enough and he’s happy to get things over with. They get up and run to begin preparing the defenses.
Several UNSULLIED pace back and forth on patrol on the rampart, trying not to freeze their non-existent nuts off in the dark. ARYA scales the wall with a rope and grappling hook and silently dispatches them with a couple strokes of her knife. She then creeps down the other side of the wall and opens the gates for the pissed off hoard of scorned Northerners.
They come pouring into the city and the other UNSULLIED guards are quick to notice their approach. They sound the alarm, alerting the other guards on patrol. Though they are greatly outnumbered, they quickly form a phalanx and try to hold off the very motivated NORTHMEN. ARYA gets in on the action, slicing and dicing UNSULLIED as good as anyone else. As they fight, the wind gets harsher and the snow falls heavier. THE NORTHMEN seem to be successful in pushing the UNSULLIED back and are well on their way to cutting a path to the RED KEEP.
THE ARMY OF THE DEAD stands in a line, staring at the high walls of the city with dead eyes. They look as if they are only a couple hours of marching away. Among their numerous ranks are many, many familiar faces. Basically, everyone who was killed over the course of the series in WESTEROS outside of KING’S LANDING and not incinerated. This includes HODOR, JAMIE LANNISTER (whose body was unceremoniously dumped by ARYA when she stole his face), CATEYLN STARK, ROBB STARK (with a wolf head sewn onto his body), and a bunch of others. They all stand at the ready as WHITE WALKERS marshal them from their mounts. Several giant zombies are among their ranks as well, towering over the other undead. The ZOMBIE DRAGON roars overhead with the NIGHT KING mounted on it. He gives the order from above and the dead start their final march on the capital city of WESTEROS.
The THRONE ROOM is frigid and lit by torches, as the sun is completely extinguished. Even with all the efforts to keep warm, everyone’s breath hangs in the air as they speak. DANY sits on the IRON THRONE as SAM TARLY stands before her with BRAN at his side and tells her that the ARMY OF THE DEAD’s attack is imminent and they need to prepare for defense right now and that every second they waste is one that hurts their already slim chances of survival. VARYS and TYRION stand off to the side, watching. DANY asks why she should trust the brother and friend of a traitor to advise her. SAM grows more urgent, saying that this is bigger than the IRON THRONE, that this is a fight for all of humanity’s survival, and that the hundreds of thousands of people living in KING’S LANDING will die if they don’t do anything to protect them. As DANY considers this, an UNSULLIED messenger enters the throne room and whispers something to GREY WORM, who then announces that ARYA STARK is leading the NORTHMEN in an attack on the RED KEEP right now as they speak.
DANY tells GREY WORM to rally the troops to defend against ARYA’s uprising and to leave behind some UNSULLIED to guard SAM and BRAN, who are obviously traitors collaborating with ARYA. SAM begs and pleads and screams for her to listen to him. BRAN speaks up and tells him that it’s no use, that she won’t listen then slips into warg mode. Disgusted, TYRION leaves.
ARYA leads the NORTHMEN, fucking shit up as they go and taking minimal losses as they still have the element of surprise on their side and the DOTHRAKI serving as guards aren’t very good at fighting in the snow. Just as they get to the gates of the RED KEEP, GREY WORM shows up with a whole shitload of UNSULLIED, who are in formation with their shields and spears ready to fuck up the NORTHMEN.
JON SNOW sits in the dark, staring at the wall, having done nothing this entire time. The door opens and TYRION stands holding JON’s sheath and sword. JON asks if he’s been pardoned. TYRION says no. JON asks if the ARMY OF THE DEAD is attacking. TYRION says he thinks so, but that’s not why he’s being released. He holds out the sword for JON to take and says that she’s not suited to ruling, that he should have known it long before now. That each minor transgression was only a little worse than the one before. That it was still justice to some degree. But each time it got a little harder to excuse and that he began to doubt a little more that he would be able to steer her in the right direction. TYRION says that he knows he still loves her, but it’s a love that it will never be. JON sighs and takes the sword and looks down at it. He shakes his head and says he dun want it, that he doesn’t care what some old book says or what his half-mad brother says, he’s a Stark. TYRION says that simply is not so and regardless, even if it were true it would not matter, fate has ordained him to be in this place at this time. TYRION goes on to ramble in an Emmy-bait monologue a little bit about fate and how when he was younger he used to hate the idea of fate because he was born a dwarf and fated to a life as an outsider full of suffering, but has come to understand that fate is neither good nor bad, that is merely is and the best thing we can do is accept our place in its designs, the same way we accept the winds and the waves when we are sailing. He tells JON that this is his fate. That he must do this to save the thousands of people living in KING’S LANDING and the many more still alive in WESTEROS. He says that it might still not be enough, but he must still do his duty and play his role regardless. JON looks down at the blade again and asks where SANSA is. TYRION looks down and shakes his head. He says ARYA’s name. TYRION says she’s currently leading the NORTHMEN against DANY right now as they speak and the ARMY OF THE DEAD is going to attack any moment. JON sighs and nods.
THE NORTHMEN and ARYA are not doing so great. THE UNSULLIED march steadily toward them in a phalanx. They try to retreat backward only to find their exit cut off by a bunch of mounted DOTHRAKI in the yard. The two forces press in and start cutting into the NORTHMEN’s ranks. Before they’re able to kill too many, the air turns even colder and all of the torches go out. The warriors, even the brainwashed UNSULLIED, all stop fighting and stiffen as the ZOMBIE DRAGON roars in the distance and they hear the screaming chaos of the ARMY OF THE DEAD bringing winter to KING’S LANDING.
TYRION opens the door and JON enters with his sword in hand. SAM and VARYS immediately realize what is about to happen. The two UNSULLIED SPEARMEN that are supposed to be guarding SAM and BRAN fan out and raise their weapons to JON. DANY orders them to kill the traitor. They attack JON, who is wobbly and weak from being in prison for several days.
Intercut with JON’s fight with these two spearmen, which he is barely able to defend himself in, are two additional scenes: ARYA, the NORTHMEN, GREY WORM, the UNSULLIED, and the DOTHRAKI in the COURTYARD drawing dragonglass weapons and immediately scrambling to the defense of the RED KEEP as hoards of UNDEAD climb over the walls and pour through the gate ARYA and the NORTHMEN had conveniently left open and THE HOUND, BRIENNE, GENDRY, DAVOS, and YARA trying to defend one of the RAMPARTS of the RED KEEP as the ARMY OF THE DEAD swarm and try to climb the walls. JON is on the ropes mostly and both parties fighting the ARMY OF THE DEAD are barely able to keep themselves alive as they take heavy losses of mooks and it’s looking pretty bad for the characters we actually give a shit about.
JON takes a few good hits but manages to stay on his feet. He cuts down one of the UNSULLIED but the other one gets the drop on him and wounds him rather seriously. Before the warrior could finish the job, the coward of the county SAM TARLY shanks him from behind and rescues his friend. JON strides toward DANY, who rises from the throne and first tells him to think about what he is doing, how he pledged his loyalty to her as his queen. As he gets closer, DANY, in a megalomanic fury, screams for her dragons and swears that she will kill JON if it is the last thing she does, even if it means burning down all of KING’S LANDING right before he sinks his sword straight through her heart. Tears run down JON’s cheeks as he looks into DANY’s dying eyes, once again watching the woman he loves die right in front of him. He tears the blade from her, and it ignites, becoming the legendary sword LIGHTBRINGER. Everyone else in the room shits multiple bricks.
DROGON and RHEGAL shriek, as if they know that their mother has just been murdered. They come bursting out of the DRAGONPIT in a blast of fire and start indiscriminately burning down KING’S LANDING, which just so happens to be infested with hundreds of thousands of zombies that are extremely flammable. Though they are definitely also killing innocent people as well, this indiscriminate rain of hellfire is actually just what the doctor ordered.
ARYA, GREY WORM, THE NORTHMEN, THE UNSULLIED, and THE DOTHRAKI get attacked from all sides by a tidal wave of zombie foot soldiers. GREY WORM calls for them to retreat inside as the dragons roar overhead and blast fire down on the city. THE ZOMBIE DRAGON roars and blindsides RHEGAL, knocking it out of the sky and sending it crashing down into the city, leveling several blocks of buildings on impact. A hoard of undead swarm the dragon like ants on an ice cream cone. RHEGAL thrashes and shoots jets of flames from its mouth, but eventually falls still as the sheer numbers overwhelm it. EVERYONE runs into the RED KEEP.
ARYA and GREY WORM fight side by side against the dead. In the narrow halls of the castle, the UNSULLIED are able to form a tight phalanx and generally keep the ARMY OF THE DEAD from advancing too far inside, though they can’t hold them off forever. GREY WORM says that he needs to go make sure the queen is safe and retreats further into the castle toward the THRONE ROOM.
THE ARMY OF THE DEAD is not as numerous on the RAMPARTS, though they are giving everyone up there a run for their money. They all get a good view of the NIGHT KING, mounted on the ZOMBIE DRAGON, knock RHEGAL out of the sky. DAVOS screams that they need to man the scorpions and try to shoot the dragon down. They all start fighting their way toward the line of scorpions on the battlements.
JON looks down at the burning sword and up at everyone else. He asks what they should do and they all look at him like “I dunno you’re the one with the magic sword, dude”. BRAN says that THE NIGHT KING will come to find him because the THREE EYED RAVEN is the living record of the world of the living and in order to remake the world that record needs to be erased. JON says that BRAN must be protected at all costs and says they need to barricade the door.
Just as they’re about to close the throne room doors, GREY WORM comes running in with his sword and spear. He immediately notices that DANY is dead and JON is standing steps away from her corpse holding a flaming sword. Fury overtakes his body and he charges JON with a rage that only a man who has lost everything that has given his life hope and joy can have.
In spite of being even worse for wear than before, JON is able to dodge GREY WORM’s attack and counter with a blow of his own. GREY WORM tries to block, but it’s almost like JON has a magic sword or something and cuts straight through the steel of GREY WORM’s short sword. JON follows up by slicing through GREY WORM’s chest, dropping him to the floor in a smoldering heap.
Everyone else looks at him, completely speechless. He calls for them to close the door and bar it and runs over to help them.
THE HOUND, BRIENNE, GENDRY, YARA, AND DAVOS along with a dwindling crew of UNSULLIED fight their way over to the scorpion. THE ZOMBIE DRAGON flies overhead, raining blue fire down on the RED KEEP. An entire tower comes crashing down and falls into the blackwater bay with a boom. GENDRY, YARA, and DAVOS take up a position on the scorpion, as the three of them need to work together to properly aim, shoot, and reload the massive ballista. They try to line up a shot on the ZOMBIE DRAGON and miss while THE HOUND and BRIENNE dig in and defend them. Suddenly there’s a break in the action and the air gets noticeably colder. A WHITE WALKER appears at the end of the garrison with a whole posse of zombies. THE HOUND doesn’t even have the energy to make some nihilistic joke. Instead, they just take a breath and stay focused. The undead foot soldiers charge them as the WHITE WALKER casually approaches them and THE HOUND and BRIENNE are holding them off, dispatching them one by one until BRIENNE freezes in place, realizing that one of her attackers is JAIME LANNISTER’s corpse. Tears stream from her eyes and she can’t bring herself to swing her sword at the reanimated corpse of the man she loved. THE HOUND turns and dispatches JAIME for her and sends him careening over the edge of the wall. He’s about to say something about leaving the past behind when an icicle goes through his chest as the WHITE WALKER took advantage of the momentary distraction. BRIENNE flies into a rage as she watches THE HOUND drop and charges the WHITE WALKER with her Valyrian steel sword, Oathkeeper. After a brief duel, she bests the WHITE WALKER and a bunch of the nearby zombies hit the ground lifeless as a result of their master being killed.
The line of UNSULLIED spearmen are getting overwhelmed. ARYA watches as the undead pound against the shield wall. She turns and sees that they are getting flanked by another mob, that the DOTHRAKI are trying their best to defend themselves but are simply not the same warriors without their horses. The NORTHMEN are holding their own, but it’s clearly only a matter of time before they all tire out as well. She calls for them to fight their way further into the castle, but nobody is really able to get anywhere. ARYA realizes that if she stays here in this hall, she is going to die and takes off, weaving through the crowd, and dispatching the undead blocking her way as she runs further into the castle.
She turns a corner and finds her path blocked by a WHITE WALKER with a small entourage of undead. Among them are CATELYN STARK and ROBB STARK. ARYA raises her dagger in preparation to defend herself, but her hand is shaking. The WHITE WALKER seems to sense her fear and gives a smarmy little frozen smirk before giving the order for them to attack.
ARYA tries to defend herself from the undead, but cannot bring herself to stab the corpse of her dead mother and brother. Instead, she starts to run. She jukes her way past the WHITE WALKER, who strolls after her while zombie CATYLN and ROBB tear after her. She turns into a room and leaps through a window into the courtyard.
JON stands with LIGHTBRINGER. They’ve sealed the door to the throne room shut. TYRION, SAM, and VARYS stare at the door. TYRION sighs and says there must be something more they can do. JON says that he’s welcome to suggest any ideas. TYRION turns and looks at BRAN and says that there must be more they can do with his omnipotence. DROGON roars and passes by one of the shattered windows blasting fire. TYRION says off handedly that the dragon would be much more useful to them if they were able to somehow control it. BRAN blinks as he remembers what the THREE EYED RAVEN said to him long ago: you will not walk again, but you will fly. BRAN goes into warg mode.
DROGON roars in pain and thrashes in the air as it tries to resist the mental assault. Then its eyes turn GREY as BRAN takes control of its body. DROGON/BRAN turns around and starts raining fire down the hoards of undead, incinerating them by the hundreds. A funnel of blue fire catches DROGON in the side, though the dragon manages to stay in the air. DROGON loops around and comes barreling at the ZOMBIE DRAGON, but the NIGHT KING is an ace pilot and is able to evade in time.
ARYA tries to escape but finds all her paths of exit cut off by piles of rubble, fire, and/or shrieking masses of undead soldiers. Cornered, she holds her Valyrian steel dagger at the ready as CATYLN and ROBB catch up with the WHITE WALKER leisurely walking toward her. ARYA breathes and all emotion vanishes from her face. She quietly apologizes before she lunges forward and quickly and effortlessly dispatches her dead brother and mother. The WHITE WALKER looks somewhat surprised at this development and takes a swipe at her. ARYA dips and counters, only to have her strike blocked. She pivots away, plants a foot on the wall and springs off it to leap toward the WHITE WALKER, who catches her by the throat with one hand and grabs her knife-wrist with the other. She does her stupid little knife switcheroo and shanks the WHITE WALKER, saving herself. She starts running back toward the RED KEEP to find another way to escape.
YARA, DAVOS, and GENDRY reload the ballista with a dragonglass bolt after missing another shot at the ZOMBIE DRAGON. They watch as DROGON begins fighting the undead dragon in the air as the darkness is illuminated by glowing columns of blue and yellow fire. The ZOMBIE DRAGON evades a charge from DROGON and GENDRY fires the ballista, piercing the ZOMBIE DRAGON through the side. The ZOMBIE DRAGON drops out of the sky and crashes into the tower of the hand, taking the NIGHT KING with it. The crew on the RAMPART cheer at the successful hit. They then turn the ballista onto the crowd of undead and blast apart a zombie giant and exhaust the remainder of the ammo. They then start hurrying back into the RED KEEP where it’s marginally safer.
DROGON flys over to the crumbling wreck of the tower and rains fire down on it in an effort to melt the NIGHT KING. Everything seems to grow still. The ARMY OF THE DEAD freezes in place. Then chunks of rubble fall and come crashing down to earth. THE NIGHT KING stands up and raises his arms, reanimating all of the freshly dead in KING’S LANDING who weren’t burned to death.
The two UNSULLIED guards and DANY rise again, though GREY WORM conspicuously remains dead. They shriek and go sprinting toward BRAN, but JON is able to dispatch them quickly and easily as a single stroke of his sword causes them to collapse and burst into flames. JON winces and groans. Clearly, all this action is taking a toll on him. He looks at the wound he took from his fight with the UNSULLIED and sees that he’s lost quite a bit of blood.
A thump sounds on the door to the throne room. A second one sounds, this one louder than the first. The thumps become louder and more frequent. The wood begins to splinter and crack. Everyone is watching the door and holding their breath. JON raises his sword. SAM holds his dagger at the ready. Even TYRION and VARYS pick up weapons off the floor to defend themselves although let’s be real what are they gonna do? The doors crack and there’s a glimpse of the many undead frantic to get in. After several tense moments of steady pounding, the bar on the door splits and the undead come pouring in with zombie HODOR leading the charge of a pack of all manner of undead, including recently killed UNSULLIED, DOTHRAKI, and NORTHMEN.
JON starts cutting his way through them but it’s clear that even with the advantage of LIGHTBRINGER and the modest help that everyone else in the throne room can offer, there’s too many of them. Just as JON is about to be overwhelmed, a white furry torpedo comes shooting through the pack and GHOST comes to JON’s rescue. Immediately on the heels of the goodest boy in WESTEROS is BRIENNE, DAVOS, YARA, GENDRY, and ARYA, who all converge on the throne room and start hacking and slashing their way through the crowd.
A lull in the battle occurs and JON pants and shakes. The others don’t look much better. JON tells them that they need to protect BRAN at all costs, who is still warged into DROGON and is taking care of the lion’s share of the undead by burning them all with dragon fire. They nod and hunker down around BRAN with their weapons at the ready.
The air grows colder. All of the nearby fires dim, save for the burning blade of LIGHTBRINGER. THE NIGHT KING enters the throne room flanked by two WHITE WALKERS and an entire battalion of undead with him.
There is a tense moment that seems to stretch on for forever, where the forces of the living stare into the glowing blue eyes of the forces of the dead. GHOST snarls and that seems to break the spell. Both sides go charging toward each other. JON faces down the NIGHT KING as BRIENNE and ARYA each take a WHITE WALKER, as they both have Valyrian steel weapons. YARA, GENDRY, TYRION, VARYS, SAM, DAVOS, and GHOST instead focus on fighting the dead that are attempting to surround them. The WHITE WALKERS and THE NIGHT KING work seamlessly together, their attacks building off one another while they cover each other’s blind spots. The humans aren’t looking too shabby either and at one point BRIENNE creates an opening for ARYA to kill the NIGHT KING. However, her Valyrian steel dagger does not cause him to shatter and he is justifiably annoyed at being stabbed, so sends her flying across the room with a punch, as his icicle sword is crossed with BRIENNE’s.
TYRION, VARYS, SAM and the others who are dealing with the basic undead are faltering. DAVOS, being an older man, is pushed to the limit of his stamina, is overwhelmed, and goes down. VARYS, being a courtesan with no combat experience, also goes down. BRIENNE is fighting two WHITE WALKERS and is hardly able to keep herself from getting impaled. JON is barely able to hold his sword up. He is distracted at the sight of ARYA getting her block knocked off and the NIGHT KING lunges for him. In a selfless act of pure love, GHOST, the boy that none of us deserve, leaps and takes the blow meant for JON. JON immediately avenges his best buddy in the whole world by chopping the NIGHT KING’s smirking blue head clean off his shoulders, causing the flame of LIGHTBRINGER to extinguish. He shatters and all of the WHITE WALKERS and the ARMY OF THE DEAD explode into bits of ice and chunks of flesh and bone, respectively.
JON gives a crazy, relieved laugh as everyone stands in shock that they actually survived the ordeal. He stumbles over to the IRON THRONE and says that he needs to rest a moment. He sits down and lays LIGHTBRINGER across his lap.
Before anyone could say anything, DROGON, still possessed by BRAN, comes crashing through what little remained of the throne room’s ceiling, scoops BRAN’s body in its talons, and goes flying away. By the time everyone has gotten over their shock, they turn and look at JON and realize that he’s dead, sitting on the IRON THRONE with a serene expression.
TYRION straightens out chairs for what feels like 25 minutes. Each chair is marked with a different symbol denoting a different region: The NORTH, The VALE, The IRON ISLANDS, The RIVERLANDS, The WESTERLANDS, The STORMLANDS, The REACH, and DORNE. TYRION sits in the seat marked WESTERLANDS and ARYA enters, taking her seat in THE NORTH, followed by YARA in the IRON ISLANDS, BRIENNE in the RIVERLANDS, GENDRY in The STORMLANDS, SAM TARLEY in The REACH, ROBIN in THE VALE, who survived THE LONG NIGHT by hiding in the mountains like an asshole, and in the DORNE seat some random Dornish woman, I don’t know call her one of the Sand Snakes, I guess. TYRION scolds everyone for being late and asks them how they are supposed to run the country if they can’t even convene the high council in a timely manner. YARA makes a joke about how if TYRION wants everyone to run on his schedule he should just make himself king and be done with it. TYRION chuckles and says he’s seen what’s happened to the last half dozen people that have tried to become king and says he’s happy where he is thank you very much. He continues and says that if they are done, they’ve got much to discuss as there is a lot of rebuilding that needs to be done. The camera pulls back to show that the table they are sitting at is actually located in the old throne room and that the IRON THRONE sits empty in front of them.
The camera pans out to show a crumbling RED KEEP in the process of being built with a sense of hope as the sun shines and melts the snow and ice that had accumulated over the very short but very cold winter.
Fade to black, credits begin rolling. After the main cast has been credited, cut to the following stinger:
In a cave deep underground, DROGON lays curled up on the ground asleep. BRAN sits on the dragon as if it were a throne. The camera cuts to a close-up of BRAN’s greyed out warg trance eyes. Then he closes his eyes and the camera pulls back, revealing his skin has turned icy blue and his eyelids peel back to reveal that he has the same vivid blue eyes as the NIGHT KING, DROGON’s eyes open behind him revealing another set of vivid blue eyes and the camera cuts to black and the credits continue.
Welp, that's it. That's my version of Season 8. Hopefully, you've found this version to be more enjoyable and that it leads to a more satisfying ending than what we got.
If you've made it this far and actually read the thousands of words I wrote and want to see more of my work, I invite you to listen (for free) to my teleplay performance of a modern language satire of Hamlet, which I've titled Hamlet 2020.
I also humbly ask you to consider supporting me on my Patreon so that I can dedicate more time to writing and creating art.
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2020.10.20 19:17 LITGS2Bobbyfan Best Girls LITGS2

She's such a sweetheart. She has her faults.During the party Day 10 part 3.She spills the beans about Lottie and Gary kissed. If you are in Gary's route, she will say to Lottie if your M.C friend than why did you snog Gary. When M.C likes him something liked that. Leads to another drama It feel liked she totally has M.C's back. Day 20 when Jo takes your LI and Elisa takes the guy you saved from being dumped. When you tell that you aren't worried about Henrik,Lucas,or Jakub. She will realized that you have eyes on someone else. She will say that they are fool not to see M.C as a catch.spills the bean what Elisa said about Jo and Riham the kiss during the date. Day 25 if Hannah choose the partner Chelsea was with. Yeah Chelsea not happy about that but ends up with Lucas or Henrik (if u don;t cheat on your LI) I don't know what she was muttering under her breath during Hannah speech to whomever Chelsea was with. I say she's true friend for M.C. What I realized she spilled the bean about Gary and Lottie kiss.But she didn't spill the bean on M.C and Gary sneaky kiss.
I know that there are people. Who doesn't like her. She's not a bad person. She's very helpful she had help my M.C for the recoupling on Day 3. Even which guy who is interested in M.C. If your on Gary's route has to be between Bobby or Riham to choose M.C. Because Gary already set to be couple up with Marisol. She also help Day 22 to tell M.C LI that she wants LI to choose him in the recouple. It just that they make it couple up with Noah more difficult. As I said before if Noah and Hope are going to be liked staying forever as a couple. Than Noah shouldn't be an option when M.C picks which guy she wants to be with Day 1. You know like Season 3 where Seb and Nicky are not available on romance for M.C Day 23 part 3 Gary calls Hope Hannah. But during the Truth Or Dare Challenge if you pick Gary which I thought it was funny he called Hope Carol.
Its always defaulted that whoever is M.C LI. Pirya will steal LI away leaving M.C single. She shows that she confident and strong. But than you have to deal with Lottie and Pirya drama. When Bobby and Pirya are making plans for Operation Nope. If you choose not to be involved let Priya do it herself. When you see Hope on the rooftop terrace talk to her. There is an option where you can tell her what Pirya doing. Than be ready to deal with another drama. Now there is a gem scene where you can listen in on Noah and Pirya conversation. Where Noah talk about maybe considering choosing her in the recouple. But I wouldn't do it waste of gem. For disaster recoupling Noah couples up with her. Its funny though Henrik was in shock when that happened maybe hinted he was going to pick her. Riham jealousy was kicking in. If you take part of Operation Nope Noah couples with M.C and Pirya couple up with Henrik or Lucas. She pied Felix though when he tried to propose to her into taking him back to the Villa. Now who wants to make the theory that Noah and Pirya might have dated outside of Love Island.Where Chelsea who stole the secrets that hadn't been read found out about Noah ex. Who name happened to be Pirya
First coming onto the island she appears sweet loves fiction. For some reason the guys didn't seem liked her. I guess they didn't like her imaginative mind. That's where Lottie and Gary kissed happen the day Hannah was dumped. Perhaps Hannah liked Gary I do not know what she said in the tweet. I guess she felt that Lottie backstabbed her with the kiss.When Hannah return she almost looks liked Lottie. I guess she thought that being liked Lottie maybe guys are interested in her. Though if there was an option if I wasn't on Gary's route. I would tell her to pursue Gary. Though people think that she and returning Henrik or Lucas are trying to break Gary and M.C apart. Not entirely true because no matter what route you are in. Returning Henrik or Lucas will still try and turn M.C head. Yeah gem scene don't choose to listen to Hannah's gossip. Because she will tell about you and LI getting frisky in the shower doing it. I guess when he called Hope Hannah guess he had that guilty conscience where he felt bad for being the one that sent Hannah packing in Day 3. During the wedding episode when dance with her she looks sad about it. Which meant that she might have feelings for M.C not as friends.
Confidence knows what to get. She is paired up with Riham Day 1. Of course he doesn't like it when she is analyzing him. She and Hannah tried to flatter Gary with breakfast. Though in the end Gary chooses her. She found no spark between Riham and Gary. Than there the incident where Rocco and Marisol share a kiss together. Which show she liked him. Than she went on started to end up crushing on Graham. Now she has a route. But I don't know the steps into getting her interested in M.C. All I know during the truth when she said opening dating woman as well. Choose the option about dating a woman or something. If with Graham she is dumped Day 26 but if couple up with M.C she stays till the end.
Sometimes I wondered if she really understands the Girl Code. Regardless what route you are on for Ladies choice she tells you not to choose Gary.during the recouple. Why does she only tell M.C that? She doesn't go telling Priya and Marisol that? She will ask if you are interested in Gary. If you choose "I'm interested in him" then she liked "Your just playing the game" liked her feelings for Gary for real. If you do the gem scene in the mean tweet challenge. You will learn Gary and Lottie kissed. But Chelsea will come and drop the news. If playing Gary's route for some reason she acts possessive believing that Gary and her are meant to be. As I said before. I doubt she even bothered to ask Gary if he really feels the same way about her. Though he did look liked he was interested in her when Jakub shake the Villa up with the recoupling pairing with Hope. She's not a bad person. I just think that when your on Gary's route she should let it go let Gary be happy for once. But her tea reading was very accurate. When she told my M.C I would rekindle with old flame and I have anchored in my relationship of course I knew it was Gary.But I didn't say it or Lottie might complain about that. Also was right when Henrik switched. Even if you are in Gary or somebody else route. I did a gem scene where we have a chat. She say something that the relationship between Bobby and her won't work out.I am going to assume if she was couple up with Gary (if not on his route) she would say the same thing about him. So it's a summer crush fling nothing serious. Beside during the Wedding, she and Gary aren't together if you choose someone to marry. She also mentions about moving to America. Where she said that its time for her to move on. Perhaps an unrequited love she had for M.C perhaps she liked her more than just friends. So she felt moving on so she can let it go move on.
If you kissed Hannah or Lottie they will talk about it Depends who goes home before the final. You have the option to run away with them during the wedding special. Though it be nice that there was an option to run away with either Bobby,Gary or Noah.
Enters the island along with Elisa Day 20. If you choose the gem scene where you talk to the girls to find out who they fancy. She will say that she interested in Riham. After the date then another drama begins the kiss situation. Where Jo denies that the two kiss. Than during part 3 of Day 21 Riham reveals that they kiss. If not on his route he will ask Jo to be his girlfriend on Day 23.
Enters the same day as Jo. Between her and Chelsea,they started the drama. Elisa tells Chelsea gossip about Riham and Jo kissing. Than calls Chelsea a gossip sneezer for sneezing out what Elisa told her. But I think the problem is Elisa shouldn't have been telling Chelsea about it. She should have spoken to Shannon. Also I think if you do something with Elisa that counts as cheating. If you don't tell LI about it. Than liked Returning Lucas or Henrik. She will tell your LI.
The day the girls left for Casa Amor. I am going to assume that she entered the Villa the same day that the girls left for Casa Amor. She had a strategy to stay with Riham.. After finding out about the kiss drama. I am going to guess she went after him the moment she came to the Villa. She did help M.C by teaching her how to tell when someone bluffing it was useful during Judge Bobby Court. On Day 22 after the recouple when Riham chose Jo. she is dumped along with Elisa. During the final you will see her (Lucas,Henrik,Jakub) whoever was dumped by Day 18 arguing and spent time in the hideaway maybe hinted little romancethere.
Alternatively Day 22 in Marisol route. When Marisol picks M.C. Graham will choose Shannon and Lucas will choose Elisa.
Nothing much to say about her. Everyone say she looks liked M.C. The first time I went to speak to her during the finale. Than she started being a jerk saying how M.C didn't make her feel welcome everything else all that stuff. Day 18 when she calls you over. Don't waste your gem on that. I did it. I thought that if I talk to her. She would change her tune about M.C be nice. However that wasn't the case. Even if I gave her an advice or being friendly with her. She still went on jerking how M.C wasn't friendly everything else that she should had been the one that won acting jealous. So I think they should had put if you are on Gary's route Bobby instead or if on Bobby route Gary instead of Blake.

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2020.10.19 06:24 Grotesquette Episode 7, "Choices 2020" [POLL]

The queens walk back into the werk room, absolutely bewildered after the disqualification of their fellow queen, u/MaritessTrosper.
"What the actual fuck?" Groans BQ. "Every single episode, there's a new piece of shit hitting the fan. And then that shit gets chopped up into a gazillion pieces and ends up hitting me. And maybe I'm tired of shit rain!"
Shasha nods. "Yeah... I really wish Mixed didn't try and trick us like that. She could've just asked for an All Winners season. Why would she lie to us about who she was?"
Swish sighs. "Well, I don't know about you all but this was such a fun challenge for me. And condragulations to our winner, u/StrawPedro!!!"
Everyone except Micro claps for Pedro, who smiles.
"Thanks guys! I can't believe I won this one. I was sooooo nervous for it, but now that I've got my second win I really feel like I can take on any challenge that comes my way. I don't feel anxious about this competition anymore, and it's about damn time!"
Swish begins to choke up. "You've overcome your saboteur, and I am so proud to see it... So proud!"
"Anyways" Micro interjects, her face adorned with a smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. "That makes Pedro the first person to get two wins. Should've been me, if you asked me."
"Nobody asked you tho-" Pedro begins until she's cut off once again my Micro.
"I spent so much fucking money on this outfit, and hours on my tracklist, and all I have to show for it is a 'Micro great job, but no win.' Do you know how frustrating that is?"
"Try no wins" BQ grimaces. "Each week I feel like I'm on death row. It would be nice to be in your position right now."
"Well even though this is my first bottom, it still sucked." Shasha offers. "I honestly didn't feel like I deserved to be in the bottom. I thought it would've been Swish, if anyone else."
Swish rolls her eyes. "Well girl, that's big coming from the queen who had the same concept as Mixeditess except worse, and the worst tracklist of the night."
Talking Head: u/Swish_17, "I'm tired of being undermined by these girls. Now's the time for me to show them that I'm not to be fucked with... EVER."



Electronic Music
Out of drag, the contestants pile into the werk room and gather around a table.
"So... What do you think the next challenge is going to be?" Micro wonders.
"I hope it's a design challenge." Shasha responds. "That's the sort of thing I really live for. Or like, maybe a dance challenge?"
Swish snorts. "Chile, please not a dance challenge. I don't want to go home again."
"In that case, I'm fine with a dance challenge!" Pedro laughs. Swish crosses her arms and pretends to pout.
She already done had herses!
The girls gather around a large television screen, awaiting instruction.
Grotesquette: "Hey queens! In 2020, the world is becoming more and more complicated. There are so many different choices to make. We all make choices, but this is choices 2020, the presidential debate where we will determine America's next drag president! It's time for you to debate your fellow queen, and show Rumerica what kinds of churches you'll be making as their next President in queef!"
"Oh my God, that sounds like so much fun!" Pedro laughs.
"I know." BQ agrees. "Well, time for me to start working on my character and debate look. I don't plan on taking it easy on you bitches."
"Oh noooooo" Micro sighs, rolling her eyes. Pedro looks at the part of the ceiling Micro's looking at, but doesn't see anything up there.
Talking Head: u/Micronesian, "I need to win this challenge. It's the last one before top 4, and I need to win this competition. I just want it more than anything, and I'm not going to let this debate stand in my way, y'know?"


Lights... Cameras.... Action!!!
u/Grotesquette struts the runway
u/Grotesquette: Welcome to the mainstage of SDRDR Season 6! u/KingKabs, did the girls show poise and charm during the debate?
u/KingKabs: Nope!
u/Grotesquette: u/Spencerietta, which queen has gone your vote this year?
u/Spencerietta: Donald Trump! Wait, wait, I'm kidding! I'm not registered to vote!
u/Grotesquette: The iconic u/-_-whodat! What do you want in a drag president?
u/-_-whodat: I'm bri'ish love. Queen Elizabitch is the only monarch I respect!
u/Grotesquette: Weird! And finally, host of Fagula u/mattisnotvegan is here tonight! When can we expect Fagula season 3?
u/mattisnotvegan: You'll get Fagula 3 when I get my fucking crown!!!!! WHERE IS DELETA IM GONNA KILL THAT FA-
Security drags Matt offstage as the judges sit in uncomfortable silence. Finally, Matt returns shaking under one of those tin foil coat thingies they give to people who's houses burn down as he sips on a slushie. His therapist is guiding him through the trauma as he is led back to the panel.
u/mattisnotvegan: Ehem. Next week or smth idk.
u/Grotesquette: Tonight on the runway, category is: Silver Foxy! Ladies and gentlemen start your engines. And may the best woman... WIN!!!

🎶 We Don't Stop, Until Mascara's on the Dancefloor

"First up, u/StrawPedro!"
In 40 years, I, the Chairman She, has done become the supreme leader of People Republic of ... America, okayyy?? She has just left the funeral mourning the loss of her husband, whom we'll call "the first gentleman". I never woulda thought he would be an userper. Oh well, that stupid bitch tried it, so he had to die HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
"Up next, u/ShashaStan!"
here i am serving rich old woman mourning her love of her life. showing i can be fashAWN at any age, and at least imma look pretty lipsyncing
" u/Micronesiarain!"
Sunday, October 11th, 2:57 pm. finally ready for the debate! Sorry I’m a little late...In all seriousness, 50 years from now, I hope to be aging gracefully, working hard, surrounded by the people I love. And above all else, I’m really just hoping my vagina won’t dry out too much or get too loose. #TightLikeI’m69
"Swish swish bitch! It's u/Swish_17!"
for my runway, I wanted to be the apex of beauty and fashion. I wanted to be the rich women everyone knows and everyone wants to be. I’m giving your raven feather goddess, and y’all can’t take it!
"Next up, u/BtQw3!"
This is how I imagine my life when I become a woman of a certain age. I won’t be some old spinster, sitting alone in her tiny apartment, waiting for her neglectful children to ship her off to a home. No! I desire a life of glamour that transcends age, always in the limelight like that one star that will never fade. A stunning queen with a radiance that stretches for miles. I know this is my destiny. After all, evil never dies.

🎶 Joan of Arc Is on the Dance Floor

Grotesquette: Thank you ladies. Let's begin the critiques. Starting with... u/Swish_17!
KingKabs: You really outdid yourself in this challenge. You subverted everyone's argumentative basis and weaponized your voice against their characters in a way that shut down the entirety of what they had worked at throughout the entirety of the night. The character you chose to present wasn't particularly original or effective; it was a, relatively, predictable parody on previous developments. However, when you took up the opportunities to undermine your competition, which effectively broke that character in those moments, you really came into your own. Regardless, you played the character as consistently as you could manage and that deserves praise even if the most effective moments of your debate didn't come from its performance. This was a great night for you especially after the previous week. Finally, welcome back to the competition!
Grotesquette: This was definitely one of the highlights of the night. You had a fully realized character that you committed to, but you also demonstrated great improvisational skills, and the note joke was hilarious. When you went down the line and read every other contestant, I was dying laughing. If you were a presidential candidate, you'd definitely have my vote! Tonight on the runway, everything is working for me. The ruveal is perfectly executed, and both looks are stunning in their own right. You really made this episode your bitch tonight, and I'm so fucking proud of you.
"Thank you Swish. Moving onto u/Micronesiarain!"
Spencerietta: Miss Micro, I was so excited to see you in this challenge tonight. Until the challenge started and you were nowhere to be found... like literally. But once you did show up, I was hoping for a little more. We know how funny you can be and it felt like you were relying on some crutches instead of giving us the full Micro experience that we all have gotten so used to getting from you. Was it the worst of the week? Definitely not, but it was a bit disappointing because of what we know you’re capable of. This is top 5, the finale is right around the corner. Now is not the time to give up, and I hope that you can find it in you to bring that magic back for the finale.
mattisnotvegan: Micro... whew. I think you did pretty well in the challenge - well from what I remember of it at least, I was too busy checking my horoscope, more for gemini. You were pretty good in the challenge and your jokes all landed. Overall, you did good but you need to respect other peoples' time. winks at camera But honestly, it's actually funny! We should joke about it! winks at camera Just kidding it wasn't funny literally write better material!!!!!
"Alright. Next up, u/BtQw3!"
-_-whodat: Your performance tonight is an interesting one for me, it has lots of positive aspects and some less so. For a start, your concept felt like by far the most unique up there, which deserves a lot of credit, however it took a while for me to grasp what your concept was and at times it just didn’t translate to humour very well. Also it was the best political impersonation up there, and while that did allow for some funny moments, such as your response to micro saying her bunny tried to kill itself; it doesn’t inherently make it a funny performance. So overall i’d say there were some funny moments and it had a very strong concept but often it didn’t translate very well. I’m not not majorly disappointed and i’m also not blown away and that can be make or break at this stage of the season.
KingKabs: In the debate I think you, by far, had the most consistent and original character. You deserve praise for that in comparison to reprised characters and/or themes we saw during the debate. With that said, it wasn't particularly effective comedically nor did it go enough of anywhere to leave a mark. The delivery was very rigid, you didn't play with the comedic aspects of mind control or cult indoctrination enough for it to be a well executed, campy reference. It was simply too literal and not clever. Tonight was a very...unremarkable night ultimately and at the eve of the finale it puts you in a precarious position. On the runway you look stunning and your commentary is very exquisite. And your debate look? Toot bitch.
"And how about u/StrawPedro?"
Spencerietta: Now you know I live to give a mean critique but Straw, you’re making it so difficult for me tonight. You were definitely a highlight of the debate tonight, and honestly that took me by surprise. The character is a little drawn out at this point and almost predictable, but I’d be lying if I said you still didn’t have me laughing. That character switch toward the end was a great idea and I think it could’ve been really beneficial had you pulled it out even earlier into the debate. But overall tonight was a fantastic performance from you, Straw.
Grotesquette: Yet again, your comedic prowess shines on the mainstage Pedro. You've been destroying this competition ever since your first win, and it's absolutely mind boggling to the judges and I. Out the gate of the debate, you had a strong character concept, and it was hilarious. Towards the middle it sort of got a little repetitive, but the reveal at the end definitely worked for the character. One critique I might have is that the character at some points seemed a little reminiscent of Five Spice, but I appreciate the fact that you know your strengths, and what would work in such an intensive challenge. This runway look isn't my favorite, as it's baggy and the shoulder detailing feels like an after thought. Thankfully, your debate performance is enough for me to excuse it.
"Now let's move along to u/ShashaShtan!"
mattisnotvegan: Hey Shasha, haven't seen you since we robbed MyspaceChristianGirl. Anyways, I hate to admit it but tonight was painful to watch - I saw you trying so hard and while I appreciate the effort, the jokes just weren't landing. I think what happened was you were so focused on what everyone else was doing that you tried to keep up by just throwing as many jokes out there as possible and hoping that something would stick and I don't think it really worked in your favour.
-_-whodat: I hate to say it shasha but whew this was just uncomfortable to watch. I didn’t expect this performance from you of all people but... it was just not funny in any way. And then on top of that it was a character i felt like i’d seen before. Sadly there was no merit to this performance at all. However the one positive note is your runway, it just unfortunately is not enough.
Grotesquette: Thank you ladies. Now, when I call your name please step forward.

u/StrawPedro, your Chairman She was absolutely she-larious.

u/Swish_17, tonight Adam was the apple of our eye.


u/Swish_17, condragulations you are the winner of this weeks challenge.

Pedro, you are safe and may step to the back of the stage.

u/ShashaShtan, in the debate your Pumpkin Spice held no flavor. I'm sorry my dear but you are up for elimination.

u/Micronesiarain, in the debate you were amazing. For all five seconds you were there.

u/BtQw3, The Fantasy was a great concept. But was it, similarly to Joan of Arc, poorly executed?


For the first time in SDRDR herstory, all three of you will need to lip sync for your lives. Micro, your lateness has placed you in the bottom two, because it didn't seem fair to the other contestants for you to escape the bottom, even if we overall enjoyed your performance more than the other two queens.

u/BtQw3, u/Micronesiarain, and u/ShashaShtan. The time has come for you to lip sync for your life!!! Good luck, and don't fuck it up!


Who should win the lip sync? Vote here! Voting closes soon!

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2020.10.18 22:54 LauraVi 💎RC September Update Survey: the results.💎

💎RC September Update Survey: the results.💎
Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to our Reddit Community Survey! Let's find out what we all liked/disliked about the latest RC update.
💎First of all, which story was the most read this month? HS was the most read story in the app (insert surprised Pikachu face here) while the new-story-curiosity effect vaned for LOS, making its readership drop. LOW also suffered a surprise drop (hashtag underrated), and curiosity for SBR's new season meant slightly more readers for our dancing crew.
-- 97.2% of the respondents read Heaven's Secret (up from last month's 96%)
-- 94% read Dracula: a Love Story (on par with last month's 93.9%)
-- 93% read Chasing You (on par with last month's 92.8%)
-- 90% read Love from Outer Space (down from last month's 94.2%)
-- 87.6% read Legend of the Willow (down from last month's 90.3%)
-- 85.1% read Seduced by the Rhythm. (up from last month's 82.8%)
💎How popular was each update? We asked you to rate the new chapters giving a score between 1 and 5, where 1= I did not like it, 5= I loved it. Despite receiving the exact same score as last month, LOW ranked as second most liked update - although it's mostly because almost everything else dropped in rating.
-- Heaven's Secret: 4.4 (same score as last month, remains in first place)
-- Legend of the Willow: 4.2 (same score as last month, up from tied-third to second)
-- Dracula: a love story: 4.0 (slightly down from 4.3, drops from second to third)
-- Love from Outer Space: 3.4 (down from 3.9, stable in fourth)
-- Chasing You: 3.3 (big drop from 4.2, goes from tied-third to fifth)
-- Seduced by the rhythm: 2.9 (down from 3.4, stable in sixth)
.💎But here's the juicy stuff: which characters had the best and worst scenes in this update?

.⚠️Warning: plot spoilers for the September update are contained in this post from this point on. ⚠️

.💎The top 10 overall BEST scenes go to:
(1) Lucifer (HS) - 69.7% - At this point, having Lucifer taking part in any kind of poll is like watching Phelps swimming at the Olympics. You know he's gonna win, so you might as well take advantage of the lack of lines at the food stands and go get a pretzel or something. Of course everyone liked the sexy times in jail, despite the perplexing logistics. Of course everyone felt sorry when he got tied up like a stuffed chicken and nearly died at the hands of papa-dearest. And of course his heroics in battle and sad tree-burning predicament had us all in a tizzy. Moving on.
(2) Kazu (LOW) - 53.8% - Absence makes the heart grow fonder and after a few episodes without our favourite ninja hottie, his return left us all with butterflies in our stomach and badly brewed tea in our hands. They say that you can tell a man by the company he keeps, but not even Kazu's dubious association with random guy Satoshi has been able to put a damper on our love for him. Next time come alone, though? Hashtag new-fox-who-dis, hashtag you-could-have-brought-takao, hashtag i-am-not-cold-but-go-on.
(3) Present-day Vlad (DLS) - 43.2% - Vlad baby, what's going on with you? Do you need a hug? Oh, right, never mind. Our favourite sexy psychopath defied whatever curse is holding him back to ravish MC with all his might, but paid the price in full, and oh boy, that looked painful. Despite his rage-fuelled attack on an helpless dessert table, most of us forgave him the moment he felt us up with his brilliant mind at a random cat event. Hashtag party-like-its-1446.
(4) Masamune (LOW) - 33.3% - The first series of LOW went out with a bang (not literally) and despite a late start, the Ronin's charming personality, gorgeous face and mysterious splish-sploshing sounds from the bathroom made him shoot up the rankings at hypersonic speed. Of course we all needed help with our evening ablutions, and of course now our mind is right in the gutter where it belongs. Hashtag soap-emoji-eggplant-emoji-wink-emoji.
(5) Young Vlad (DLS) - 31.8% - This update was a clear Vladfest, with plenty of content featuring our favourite yet-unconfirmed-vampire both in the past and the present. Lale's sudden sexual awakening in the arms of a young dancing Vlad was a moment for the books - all despite the fact that he managed to outshine his previous Emo fringe with an even more questionable hairdo.
(6) Leo (DLS) - 31.3% - From his genuine and loving attention to the best ugly cat in the world, to sensuous dancing and general garden chillaxing, Leo is slowly-but-surely gaining more and more fans every update. But let's be honest, he could have been shovelling deer manure for the whole update and we would have still given him a ton of votes because, seriously, that black suit? Hashtag chefs-kiss.
(7) Fyr (HS) tied with the geography teacher (LOS) at 30.6%. The most shocking result of this survey must be that the most loved pet sidekick in the app and its emotionally gut-wrenching war scenes got the same amount of votes as a disillusioned guy in a Monday morning mood. And the fact that a random side character's lack of will to live spoke to all of us so much says something about the state of the world today, ngl. How long until someone campaigns to make this husk of a man into a LI? Hashtag dear-lord-no, hashtag id-rather-date-tony.
(8) Nosferatu, his black-cat friend and his lady relative (DLS) - 30.1% - We are all crazy cat people on this blessed day! Forget sexy times, forget adventure, drama or romance: all we want from RC is a cat in a dress! From cemetery escapades to a grumpy pageant queen, we clearly could not get enough of our favourite felines. Hashtag every-day-is-caturday, hashtag where-is-berdus-at-tho.
(9) Alex (CY) tied with Malbonte (HS) at 28.5%. Considering Alex was hardly in this update at all, we think most people voted for him more by default than because of actual merit. But he did drop the G(irlfriend) word for some of us, and still looked like a snack even in a way too tattered pyjamas (did he sleep in a bramble bush or something?), so we'll allow it. And what can we say about Malbonte? He has just appeared in his true form but might already be out to swipe Lucifer's crown for favourite bad boy in the app. Hashtag imma-steal-your-girls.
(10) Aslan (DLS) - 28.3% - RC's main supernatural story (that is turning slightly creepier than expected lately, ngl) steals the show once again grabbing another slot in the best scenes rankings. Aslan's military prowess and luscious long locks had us all craving for more, because let's face it, guys with long hair are hot, and even more if you are a 15th-century hormonal teen. Hashtag good-hair-dont-care.
💎And the top 10 overall WORST scenes go to:
(1) Tony (SBR) - 43.8% - Yellow-wearing Tony has managed to keep hold of his ugly crown, and considering he's not the one who had an evil plan to murder half of heaven and hell this update, that's a pretty big feat. Kissing random women at a wedding can only be acceptable if you are very drunk and very single, and considering he was neither, we all voted for him to still top the baddies list.
(2) Molly (SBR) - 22% - The Molly debate is still going strong. Is the second most despised teenager in RC's history way too hated for her crimes? Are the two sisters just deserving of each other's pettiness? Is the sky blue? We will never know. Fact is, Tony's dastardliness is rubbing off on his sweetheart, so let's hope she'll drop him like a hot potato sooner rather than later. Hashtag baby-he-aint-worth-it.
(3) Fencio (HS) - 21.4% - What has a villain got to do to top the naughty rankings? Murdering three people, starting a war and resuscitating an ancient evil ain't it, apparently, since ol' Fencio here just landed himself a bronze. Maybe in the next update he'll manage a little more slaughter, horror and torment and get himself a better score. Hashtag my-fireplace-is-talking-to-me, hashtag i-hate-everyone-but-my-son, hashtag delete-this-immediately.
(4) Eve (CY) - 18.8% - We are honestly not sure what Eve did in this update to deserve such a bad rep, but maybe her karaoke skills were lacking? Or maybe she hasn't been forgiven yet for her bathroom-nipple-twisting shenanigans? Fact is, she scored higher than the literal Lord of Hell so we clearly missed something here. Hashtag mafia-bae.
(5) The paranoid neighbour (LOS) - 18% - We mods are mostly working from home these days, wearing our nightgown, slippers and tinfoil hat 24/7, so we feel personally attacked by this community's harsh judgement of this upstanding fella, who, shall we point out, had clearly nailed his assessment of the dangerous criminals who moved next door to his house. Hashtag i-am-calling-the-police, hashtag i-am-not-crazy-you-are-crazy, hashtag neighbourhood-watch-your-back.
(6) Present-day Vlad (DLS) - 17.7% - Clearly not everyone was charmed by the touch-me-touch-me-not shtick from our tormented Romanian castle-owner. A significant part of this community was not having any of it and thought that Vlad's random outburst of rage and destruction and slight emotional manipulation of MC were simply not on, landing him a spot in the baddies corner. Hashtag please-dont-fight-in-the-comments.
(7) Satan (HS) - 17.4% - The Lord of Hell cemented his reputation as worst-dad-ever when he nearly offed his own son without thinking about it twice. Luckily our MC turned out to be some sort of superpowered goddess herself, so she lamped him good and, for some players, got rid of the problem once and for all. Hashtag sorry-not-sorry, hashtag et-tu-dad, hashtag it-should-have-been-rebecca.
(8) Rebecca (HS) - 17.1% - Not even a full facelift changed the opinion of our community on this blonde-haired boss babe. She used and abused poor Fencio (who gets zero sympathy from us, but still), she all but told her daughter to go eat a cactus, she has shown no real feelings for anything or anyone apart from being a power-hungry shark... you know what, Becky, once again you deserve your spot on the naughty list.
(9) Jacob (LOS) - 16.8% - This guarded grump continues to prove unpopular in this community, as his lack of soft corners is not welcomed by the readers. At this point there's not much anyone can do to change the mind of the majority, but hopefully as the story progresses we'll see more pleasant sides of him. Hashtag whatever.
(10) Nosferatu, his black-cat friend and his lady relative (DLS) - 16.5% - To all those who voted for the cat gang as worst scenes of the update: do you also hate rainbows, unicorns and chocolate cake? DLS proves once again to be the most divisive story, since both one of its main LIs and main pet have landed themselves in hot water. Hashtag dracula-drama.
.💎And here are all the results, book by book:

.Seduced by the rhythm

.Brandon's frequent flier, billionaire, FBI shenanigans might have not gotten him a spot in the top 10, but at least he was the best of the bunch in SBR. Although, can we just very quickly point out that in the "best scenes" rankings, Tony got the exact same number of votes as Jo&Chris tear-jerking wedding? Hashtag just-saying.

Chasing You

In the best scenes, Ellia is coming for Alex's crown fast! But it's also interesting to see how Alex, despite being the only CY character to make the overall best top-10, still ties with The Stranger when it comes to worst scenes. Hashtag you-better-watch-out.

Heaven's Secret

That One Hot Archdemon narrowly missed out on the overall best top-10 and Fyr is really a very good dragon. Why Andy has earned such a high spot in the worst scenes is something we don't quite understand (higher than Malbonte who's the literal bad guy here?!) and it's clear how we were all touched, in either a positive or negative way, by Sammy's heartbreaking flashback. Hashtag i-am-not-crying-you-are-crying.

Legend of the willow

That Random Guy Satoshi No One Remembers tops the worst scenes for LOW, even ahead of the actual supernatural evil entity that is currently murdering people by torturing them in super gross ways. Maybe do not randomly grab a sleeping girl next time? Hashtag mei-should-have-bitten-harder, hashtag keep-your-ninja-hands-where-i-can-see-them, hashtag win-stupid-prizes.

Dracula: a love story

Present-day Vlad tops both the best and worst rankings, as mentioned already above. It's also a real shame that Sandra is not getting more love, but to be honest we hardly saw her at all in this update, so let's hope she is going to have more screen-time in future chapters. Hashtag sandra-deserves-better.

Love from outer space

We already highlighted the unexpected popularity of the geography teacher, but also worth of note are Agent Doe and Agent Wolf, who have just appeared and are already very popular. Hashtag mulder-and-scully-who.
And also ...
💎Is Tony from SBR still the worst? Most of us (72.2%) really want to yeet Tony and his mustard suit into a volcano, but a decent minority - that adds up to 27.8% - is either not hating him that much, or full-on loving him. Hashtag leave-tony-alone.
💎Who did you choose for Molly to "notice" in SBR? Most people could not care less, frankly, with 40.9% of the respondents not picking anyone because clearly Molly can make her own bad romantic decisions without her sister's help. Of those who picked a suitor, Henry was the most popular choice at 27.2%, followed by Zach at 17.9% and Andy at 14%.
.💎Who did you pick for drunken karaoke in CY? Ellia was the clear favourite for on-stage shenanigans, with 45.3% of the community picking him for sing and make out. The 37.9% of us decided to sing alone, and 16.8% of the respondents picked Eve.
.💎Did you kiss Christopher at the fair in CY? Most of us said no, but a good minority chose to lock lips with the redhead, consequences be damned!
💎Which side did you take in the HS war? You would think that with all the love for Lucifer on this sub, the demon side would be the most popular... but surprisingly enough, the angel side won, although the balanced approach is very close behind.
💎Were you surprised by the identity of MC's killer and all around main baddie in HS? Most of us had somewhat of an idea of what was going on, but the plot twist was still a doozy for a lot of people.
💎What did you think of the new faces for Rebecca and Andy in HS? Very split results here with a tied first place between those who liked the new redesign and those who did not really care, with those who hated it coming in third. Rebecca's new look seems to have been better received than Andy's.
💎How do you feel, in general, about characters being redesigned half way through a series or after a series is completed? The majority of the respondents (44.6%) said they don't like it, because they get attached to the characters' faces even if they are not perfect. 30.6% said that they don't mind either way, and 24.7% said that they like it because it is often an improvement.
.💎Did Masamune from LOW steal your heart (and possibly your bath water) this update? Despite the Ronin's best efforts, the overwhelming majority of this community still picked Kazu.
💎What did you think of the new haircuts for 1446 Vlad and Aslan in DLS? Aslan's seems to be more popular than Vlad's but both haircuts seems to have been fairly well received overall.
💎Noe YEA or Noe NAY in DLS? New arrival Noe has a decent amount of fans already, even if they are the minority.
💎Are you Mehmed's "sweet lokum" in DLS? The mod team will abstain from commenting on this topic due to an internal conflict of interest. 👀👀👀
💎Did you manage to get the "Friendship banner" with Nosferatu in DLS? We all love cats here, did we mention this?
💎Which earth-appropriate shape did you pick for Beast in LOS? Our love for felines in this update is also confirmed by the fact that the majority of us decided to have Beast be a cat - but maybe also because that dog looked hella weird, ngl. 53.6% chose the normal cat shape, 26.4% went with the purple premium cat, 13.3% chose the normal dog, and 6.7% picked the purple premium dog.
.💎On whose lap you sat in LOS? The community has spoken: 56.1% thinks that Ray, the alien prince, is the comfiest chair in town, sorry Todd. The "Radiohand" fan comes second, although at quite a distance with 15.6%, followed by Jacob at 9.4% and Ursula the alien bodyguard with 4.4%. Of the 14.4% who would have chosen to sit on Miranda's lap but couldn't because she was driving, the results are split: 7.5% picked the prince instead, 3.3% rage quit altogether (sorry, we hope you reconsider!), 2.2% picked the bodyguard, 0.8% chose Todd and 0.6% went for Jacob.
💎We also asked about diamonds: how much did you spend on this update? It looks like our spending habits have remained pretty much consistent.
-- 35% spent more than 150, less than 300 diamonds. (up from last month's 30.1%)
-- 25.6% spent more than 300, less than 500 diamonds. (almost identical to last month's 25.7%)
-- 23.1% spent more than 500 diamonds. (up from last month's 21%)
-- 13.5% spent more than 50, less than 150 diamonds. (down from last month's 18.1%)
-- 2.8% spent less than 50 diamonds. (down from last month's 5.1%)
.💎Next up: teacups. The majority of us (74.5%) decided to be patient and read the chapters over a few days, while 25.5% smashed that buy-tea button to binge read - only slightly down from last month, when 29.7% of us had taken out the plastic.
.💎We asked if you used the wiki walkthroughs to help you with your stats, and looks like we were all feeling slightly more adventurous this month, with only the 65.8% saying yes (compared to the 70.3% of the previous update), while 31.8% chose to go in blind and spoiler-free (compared to last month's 29.7%). And for the 2.5% who did not know walkthroughs even existed, here is a link to our very own Reddit-made Wiki with all the answers your heart is searching for.
.💎And last but not least, thank you to the 98% of you who were looking forward to reading this post, we love you! And to the 2% who wished us to always lose our soup spoon into the bowl, joke's on you: our lifestyle is extremely unhealthy and we need no spoons when stuffing our face with two-day-old pizza!
.That's all folks... until next time!
.💎Your friendly neighbourhood mod team💎
.💎 u/LauraVi 💎 u/swankytutu 💎 u/directormmn
submitted by LauraVi to RomanceClub [link] [comments]

2020.10.18 15:04 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 18th, 2020

submitted by readingrachelx to RHDiscussion [link] [comments]

2020.10.18 04:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 4- Bollywood Superstar Lip Sync

Honey Soy struts the runway in a dress made of Pieces of Chicken.
My name’s Honey Soy Sickening… and this is Drag Race Asia!
Sabuki Dubidu... I love you!
"You look FOUL, and I look stunning, and I should be hosting this darned show!" Sabuki screeches.
I don't know if this is serious or not, and I am kinda scared.
For this week’s Maxi Challenge, Our Monarchs have played their parts in a Bollywood inspired acting challenge. Now, Start your engines... and ... May the best Monarch… win! AIYA!
Now, I've made... DEEEE...CIS...ONS...
You competed in teams, but this week, you'll be judged as Individuals.
Tillie Bloody Red, Sakuya Kuromi, Jennie Ulsan, Oda Nobukatsu, Holly B and... Lu Booyah. You're all safe. Lu, you're one of two Top Toots this week.
Lu winks. "Perfect."
Madame Fabroa, this week, you were a funny little Queen, just missing the top. Keep it up.
Madame Fabroa jumps in the air. "Thank you!"
Miz-Keesha, consider yourself lucky... because you almost hit the bottom. You're safe.
Keesha nods.
You may untuck backstage.
"Darn it!" Tillie exhales. "Thought I got that win..."
"I have to say, sis." Jennie snaps her fingers. "I felt the same, you were fierce."
"Agreed, I felt the same." Lu nods.
"I just was terrified I was in the bottom." Nobu sighs. "I love comedy, but acting..."
"I found the singing the tragic part." Holly laughs. "I mean.."
"I think it also showed that singing was not the only important part." Sakuya shrugs. "It was the comedy. I mean look at Bangcock..."
"Oh, he was hilarious." Keesha laughs. "I want her to join the glamourpusses.."
"Okay, i'll be honest...." Madame Fabora looks confused. "What the fresh hell is the glamourpusses?"
"Me, Keesha, Jennie, Amanda.." Lu flicks her hair. "We're the glamourpusses."
"Wait, I want a name. Can I join?" Fabroa laughs.
"Of course, babe. Everyone's welcome if you're a fierce drag queen." Jennie smiles. "Let's call you... Drama Pussy."
"I'm taking Spicy Pussy." Tillie smirks.
"Robot Pussy." Keesha points to Nobu. "And..."
"I don't need a title." Holly smiles. "I'm Holly."
"Uhm..." Keesha shrugs. "Okay."
"I just have this idea that it's like this in-group thing, and I don't want to alienate or..." Holly shrugs. "I'm not going to play mean girls."
"Who's the mean girls?" Jennie looks at Holly. "We're just... playing."
"I think I've been playing it up, and I get this vibe I'm just acting like those snooty adults that.."
"Holly, it's not that big a deal." Lu eyes Holly. "What's wrong?"
"What's wrong is that I've been sitting down, I've been socialising, and I've been not focusing on this game. I'm here to speak a message, to do meaningful drag, so.." Holly shrugs. "I don't want to be a Glamourpuss."
Jennie Ulsan: "Holly B is acting weird. She's thinking like this is some BIIIIIG thing, but bitch, it's just fun. Calm down, Sour Pussy."
You all represent the tops... and the bottoms of this week.
Starting with Bangcock.
"HEYO!" Bangcock smiles.
"Now, I think your singing was marvelous." Sabuki smiles.
Honey looks at Sabuki.
"It was a great meta comment on society and how bollywood films expect this level of quality, but sometimes... it's not great. Your comedic skills were on point, and I think you are lot of fun." Sabuki smiles. "Well done."
Honey looks confused.
I... agree. You were a barrel of laughs, and so much fun. You didn't sing amazingly, but you did great. Well done!
Amanda Cherries...
"Hiya." Amanda waves.
I think this week, Amanda, you were the weakest of your team. You were overshadowed by Jennie, the Hangry and Tillie... and you got lost, and I was like Ugh.... Not Amanda!
"It was just not quality performance. And unfortunately, your look was... kinda dull. I ask myself, who is Amanda Cherries? I don't get the vibe. I don't know..." Sabuk shrugs. "It's... hard to get an understanding."
"Amanda Cherries is a hard working drag queen who puts effort into everything. She's fashionable, she's fierce, and she's a fucking performer." Amanda looks at Sabuki and Honey. "I promise you that."
GOOD! That's what I want to hear! Yay!
Tomana Gerri...
"MY BABY!" Sabuki drops the academic visage, and starts dancing. "YOU- WERE- AMAZING! I am so proud, and I am just going to say, wow, you deserve this win, sorry Honey." Sabuki shrugs. "My family is the best."
Now, you were fun, as Sabuki's... probably biased opinion says! But, I think what's great is the jump up from last week. I think you showed us you are so much fun, there's so much potential with you... and maybe the design challenge was a one-off.
"I sure hope it was!" Tomana laughs.
"Oh it was. You're winning the season." Sabuki smiles.
Tara waves.
"Now, I get the feeling again, you were stressed. You were going through the lines far too fast for me to understand what you were saying." Sabuki sighs.
"I was. I'll be honest, it was a bit much for me, and I just wanted to get it over in done with." Tara shrugs. "It's not what I do."
Okay, I TOTALLY get what you're saying, but it may come off as rude...
"I... just..." Tara exhales. "Hate feeling out of my depth, and here? I feel it." Tara rolls her eyes. "And it sucks."
Tara... you have potential. But you can't let yourself get frustrated. Otherwise, it'll affect your performance.
"I don't know." Tara sighs. "It's like... okay. Maybe."
Think about it.
"Ravenous!" Hangry laughs.
You were hilarious this week, Hangry. Funny, campy, entertaining, and... you were a TALKING PARROT!
"I love a parrot!" Hangry smiles.
"I think you showed us there's more to you then fashion, you're really funny." Sabuki grins. "But this look too... another clear top toot. Love the dual-sided performance this week, dear."
Hangry grins.
Finally, Poliova Gratuysk...
Poliova looks nervously.
I love you, Poliova! But this week... we couldn't get a single good take of you.
Poliova sighs.
"It came off as unprepared. Now, I don't know if you-"
"I was totally prepared, Sabuki. I just got there, and the nerves got the best of me, and... I did that." Poliova sighs. "And it sucks, because I want to be here to show you what a bedroom Queen can do, but I don't feel like I am DOING IT." Poliova shakes her head. "I'm sorry for disappointing you."
NONE of you are disappointments. But all of you can grow... and do better. Know that!
Now, whilst we deliberate, you may untuck backstage.
The Monarch's enter the werkroom.
"So, how'd it go...?" Keesha smiles.
"Probably me and Tara in the bottom." Poliova shrugs. "So.. I gotta prepare." Poliova walks to the mirror.
"You can do this." Jennie smiles at Amanda.
"I just think..." Tara shrugs. "I can lip sync for my life, and if I have to do it every week, I will."
"Ugh." Amanda groans. "Seriously?"
"What? I'm in the bottom because my skills don't match. I predict a lot of weeks will be like this, and I'm a lip syncer, so if I need to do it to get to the top, I am ready." Tara laughs. "So..."
"I hate, hate hate that attitude." Amanda looks at Tara. "It tells me nothing but the fact you aren't putting effort into these challenges."
"Of course I am." Tara looks at Amanda. "But there's some things I AM NOT GOOD AT."
"TRY HARDER, BITCH." Amanda shrugs. "I hate this excuse. You aren't going to win the competition lip syncing."
"Dixie lip synced episode 1." Tara rolls her eyes. "So.."
"Dixie wasn't a diva who doesn't know how to do anything so she just complains and moans." Amanda looks annoyed. "I'm going to go prepare for this lip sync. Know that if you're in the bottom with me, I'm sending you home, Tara."
"TRY ME." Tara laughs. "I want to see you try."
"God, tonight is a mess..." Sakuya sips her tea.
Meanwhile, Poliova looks in the mirror. "I... can... do this.."
Welcome back, my Monarch's.
I've made some decisions...
Tomana, you're safe. Well done.
"Thank you!" Tomana smiles.
Bangcock, baby, you are FUN! You're safe.
Bangcock: "Finally, not safe! This is good. But... winning next, please?"
Hangry, this week, you showed us there's a lot more to you. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge.
Hangry smiles. "Wow. Thank you."
Hangry: "I've gotten a win, and it means a lot. I do have a chance here. I was brought back for a reason."
Tara, you're safe.
"Seriously?" Jennie says to Lu.
Tara smiles. "Thank you."
Tara: "See that? Honey KNEW." Tara smiles. "I hope little Amanda like this."
Unfortunately, that means Amanda Cherries and Poliova Gratuysk... you are up for elimination.
Two Monarch's stand before me.
Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip sync performance to 'Dilbar' by Neha Kakkar.
The time has come...
For you to lip sync. FOR YOUR LIFE!
Good luck... and don't fuck it up!
Poliova Gratuysk: "I am lip syncing for my life. Wow. Let's.. do this. I know I can do this."
Amanda Cherries: "I've worked my butt off to get here. I am not going. Not like this, not yet."
Who wins?
submitted by AustralianChrono to RPDRfantasyseason [link] [comments]

2020.10.18 00:02 Miscblogger92 If The Bold Type gets renewed, what would your ideal s5 storylines be?

If TBT does get a season 5 (fingers crossed despite the chaos of s4), what would you hope for the characters? Behind the scenes, I hope they finally have a writers room that's representative of the diverse cast of the show. In terms of storylines, this is what I would like to see...
This is where the s5 storyline takes each of the gals (have written this hoping 5 isn't the last).

We start with a 2 year time jump.
Season 5 will take place over one year (hopefully with an 18 episode order):
Kat embraces her true self: unacpologetically herself, refusing to stand down to fight for what is right, and sticks to her values.
Sutton will have the most turbulent journey out of the three ladies this season.
Jane makes drastic changes and realisations in s5.
Career: Jane's vertical is a success, but the longer she spends at Scarlett, the more she finds herself losing her voice and feels like she can no longer progress. In a shocking move, Jane quits Scarlett at the beginning of s5 and starts to develop her own digital magazine for women that is led by voices under 30.
Romance: The days of Pinstripe are long and gone. Quite soon after Pinstripe, Jane surprisingly rekindles her romance with Hot Doc Brian. However, this is short lived, and Jane realises she has never been single for a significant amount of time in her 20s. She decides to casually date and get to know herself out of relationships. Despite her BRACA and egg freezing process, this journey of self-discovery leads Jane to the realisation that she does not want kids, and is perfectly happy with the decision.

With none of the gals working at the same place in s5, this is the first series where we see the trifecta friendship truly tested. We discover that with their careers taking off and all having their own level of self-discovery, the girls start forming different friendships and connections outside of their group, and that by the beginning of s5, they haven't met up in person in over a year. After many cancellations and rain checks, the girls finally meet for dinner, and to everyone's relief and joy, they pick up right where they left off. They laugh, cry, hug, and celebrate each other. The rest of the season lets us know these girls will always be part of each others lives, but we spend most of the season seeing the girls with new friends and forming new significant relationships.

season 5 Cliffhangers:

So TBT fans, what do you think? What would your dream season 5 entail?
submitted by Miscblogger92 to TheBoldTypeTV [link] [comments]

2020.10.16 16:20 Mafnas22 (SELLING) Added more MA codes. Special $1 HDs / HDX sale. RESTOCKED on 4K Disney + 4K Marvel + 4K Pixar titles for iTunes. TV Shows + Collection Sets. Lots of NEW DISNEY HD titles for GooglePlay. Lots of 4K titles at bottom of list + $3 specials.

CURRENTLY UPDATING POST AT THE MOMENT — lots of new shipment arrived the past few days but I have been busy with my main job. Check back often for more titles!
Venmo - CashApp - ppFF
Take a look at the bottom of listing for Terms Of Sale
Codes are verified again right before sending to you
ISO: Justice League vs Fatal Five
COPS - 1980 - Fighting Crime In A Future Time - All x65 episodes with 24hrs of showtime. — Redeem at Millcreek only - $15
————————— Star Wars 4Ks
4K Rogue One - A Star Wars Story - iTunes $5 (LOTS AVAILABLE)
4K Solo - A Star Wars Story - iTunes $10
4K Star Wars 7 - Force Awakens - iTunes $6
4K Star Wars 8 - Last Jedi - iTunes $6
Star Wars 9 - Rise Of Skywalker - MA $9
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—————🔥 DEALS
Batman Beyond + Bonus Movie - V (LIMITED AVAILABLE for a crazy low price!)
Big Little Lies - FULL Season 1 - $3 V
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In loving memory of Chadwick Boseman
Black Panther - $2 GP (LOTS AVAILABLE)
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Boardwalk Empire - Complete Series - $30 iTunes / $30 GP
Deadwood - Complete Series - $25 GP / $35 Vudu or $25 if you spend additional $25
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Boxtrolls - i $7
Breaking In - MA $4
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Final Destination 5 - MA $5
Hammer Of The Gods - V $7
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Little Stranger - MA $8
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Aladdin - ANIMATED - $4
Aladdin 2 - Return Of Jafar - $8
Aladdin 3 - And The King Of Thieves - $8
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Ant-Man 1 - MA $7
Ant-Man And The Wasp - $6
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Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron - $6
Avengers 3 - Infinity War - $4
Avengers 4 - Endgame - $4
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Cinderella 3 - A Twist In Time - $8
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Coco - $4
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2020.10.16 10:20 Gsw- Serpent - Final answer, lock it in

Let me preface this by saying I am not the first person to make this guess, and I must admit that the Serpent has been my personal favorite thus far in Season 4. Not saying he's the best, I just can't get enough of his voice. There are several very deserving performers in this season who just might win it all.
WARNING: I've provided some links as clues or citations/sources for my guess as to who the Serpent is. If you don't want to be spoiled by my guess as to who the Serpent may potentially be, don't click any of the links!
That said, I believe that the clue package in this episode along with a second chance at hearing his voice has made it almost obvious as to the identity of this talented singer.
Based on the clue package in Performance #2:
Based on the clue package in Performance #1:

Based on the identity previews before Episode 1:

Now, aside from the clues, let's talk about the good stuff; his voice.
1) Here is the youtube video of his first performance
2) Here is the youtube video of his second performance

Listen to those and now listen to this talented fellow sing the following:
3) Alright
4) Color Blind Cover
5) Rise Up

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the Serpent is none other than the multi-talented Dr. Elvis Francois. And though many contestants this season are certainly deserving, I personally am rooting for him to go all the way.
submitted by Gsw- to TheMaskedSinger [link] [comments]

2020.10.15 22:03 LadyKakata GOT THOT Thoughts (S8 SPOILERS)

What’s In Starkbucks Coffee In Westeros? How EVERYONE Lost Their Damn Minds.
I’m still annoyed over Season 8, and I feel like talking about it. Most people that I ask face-to-face about S8 come to me with disappointment but are overall satisfied, and 90% of them are very on the ‘well, Dany was going to go mad/she was always mad’ train. I have to ask if these people watched the same show, and I keep pointing out that EVERYONE was badly written, but it seems that people are just simply keen to shit all over Daenerys for some reason.
So, I’m going to go over some characters and why I felt like their characters were mangled, mishandled, or botched either during S8 or showing signs of going into a bad direction with S7 or even S6. Here are my thoughts about random characters and their places.
Daenerys – I’ve ranted a lot about her, so we are skipping for now
(Credit: MuttPeeta on Tumblr)

Cersei Lannister : It’s worth noting that Lena Hedy, her actress, tried to protest against the decision to have her bed Euron Greyjoy, pointing out rightfully that she would not be the kind to give into bedding a man she doesn’t want to whilst in a position to refuse completely, and would be reluctant to even marry him. All signs were that she was hoping he’d get his stupid arse killed fighting Yara and Theon, and she would both have the naval side of the war sorted and be rid of a problematic marriage she very clearly doesn’t want. She has no shame in bedding Jaime in front of servants, I fail to see how she wouldn’t simply rule as a single Queen with her brother as her lover, if Jaime’s arc wasn’t continued or also botched. Her death is where I take the most exception. While her sidestepping The Mountain and The Hound was fucking funny –
(Credit: Ladyofmemes on Tumblr)
In the end she dies in Jaime’s embrace. I fully expected him to strangle her at the last minute or something, but no? She dies in his arms, or he dies in hers, and she dies carrying his baby. She was supposed to miscarry in the final episode of S7, specifically waking up in a bloody bed, and this was going to be a gear shift for her as she had truly lost absolutely everything. Really, she reached that point before, so her becoming pregnant again was not needed other than rope Jaime into having a reason to believe she was going to be good and guilt Tyrion into not having her murdered.
I foresaw her using the people of KL as a meatshield to paint Daenerys as a bad person or otherwise force her into tough military decisions in order to spare as much life as possible, but that simply didn’t seem to happen. Dany’s ‘snap’ did what Cersei’s own actions could have done much more effectively and much more in character. For someone who has been one of the most irredeemable villains and is actually losing a grip on her facilties in the books, it BAFFLES me that this is the direction they took her. She should have just gone HAM on a credible threat and someone who very clearly fits the ‘younger, more beautiful Queen’ she previously assumed Sansa then Margery of being. She’s a monster, and should have died alone and broken, not in Jaime’s arms and crying about a baby.
Also, why was she drinking after fucking Euron? She was pregnant at this point, unless she simply doesn’t understand not drinking when pregnant?

Tyrion Lannister : What can I say about you, except –
His arc was one of realising that, y’know what, all this shit ain’t worth it and he realises he is nothing more than a pawn himself, no matter how sheltered his upbringing. He seemed to be earning back his honour under Daenerys, and how many of us were THRILLED at her making him Hand of the Queen and him bowing to her in return??? It seemed like a dream pairing; a very experienced hand who knows Westerosi politics inside out advising the Dragon Queen. But fuck me sideways with a bag of mince, that just went flying out the window and off into outer space. He seemed to just become fearful and paranoid a lot of the time. He clearly had a very hard time adjusting to Essosi culture, not understanding they are far more interested in survival than wine and stories, and his attempt to mollify the Wise Masters ended in near-disaster, something Daenerys was DEEPLY unhappy about. He won in the end with a careful show of brute strength and the return of Drogon, but he was very close to falling down at the first hurdle, a misstep we haven’t quite seen since Petyr Baelish let his Tully-boner blind him to Sansa’s games.
He might have been frightened by Daenerys’ power and how harsh Essos is, but he made it clear he didn’t consider her her father, and he had spent enough time with Grey Worm, Missandei and Jorah to know that Daenerys is more than her cold-for-Masters front. Varys had to do very little talking to convince him Daenerys was going made, despite seeing her mercy with his own eyes, and he knew perfectly well how many times Randyll Tarly had turned his coat for Tyrells and Lannisters alike. He damn well pointed it out. And Randyll refused Daenerys’ mercy, so there was only one other option. Why did he seem shocked by it? Why did he think Dany was suddenly a bad apple? Was he terrified of the power of the dragons?
He was struck by a case of dumb. Next.
Actually wait, I wanna talk about his relationship with Cersei. Now, he’s made it clear they hate each other, and the only reason they haven’t killed each other sooner is that Jaime won’t forgive them if they did. In the books, Tyrion outright threatens to RAPE the woman. And yet, he wanted Jaime to take her to Essos in hiding and live out their lives? Sorry, run that by me one more time? This woman that wanted you absolutely dead, has a bounty on your head, is becoming a monster, and you want her spared? What the fuck does Cersei need to DO for you to turn on her, Tyrion? You had reached your limit in S5, that’s why you fucked off to meet Daenerys, remember? Why did you suddenly want to be nice to her? Even Jaime ditched her paranoid, manipulative arse and Jaime is the one fucking her willingly.
Speaking of Jaime …

Okay, calm, start again. So, Jaime’s entire arc was realising that he was not some guilded pretty boy, being stripped back to the honourable knight he started out as when he joined the Kingsguard, and realising that there was more to life than his title and his sword hand. With his bro Brienne, he was becoming a more grounded man, a better person. Brienne pretty much modelled ideal knight behaviour, and brought the more human side out of him. I was never a fan of the ship between the two, as I like my Brienne without romantic complications, and preferred to think of Brienne as a family member Jaime SHOULD have had and who should have been his template for a knight. Jaime become soured with the treatment of Rhaella by King Aerys, and he lost himself in being a dick. Seeing Mycella die in front of him, seeing Cersei’s terrible nature, being stripped of his dignity and his sword hand, they all reduced him to allow him to start again.
He came to Daenerys as someone with a lot to lose, with only Tyrion really to speak in favour of him. It’s interesting, as a tumblr user pointed out, that Jaime never referred to her as mad. And this is someone who personally knew and saw the horrors of King Aerys’ madness. Not once. He came humbled, knowing militarily how fucked they would be against the NK’s army from the reports that Daenerys and Jon gave him. His horror was plain and he stated to Cersei that they are all fucked unless they band together and fight as one unit against the night. Him knighting Brienne was the one gigantic YES FUCK YES moment of S8. Brienne got what she always wanted, she was Ser Brienne of Tarth, honourable knight. And in S4, that was fucking THROWN AWAY when Jaime fucked her then ran to join Cersei. At first, I held hope that he was going to kill her from inside, be a Queenslayer to save the people of KL as he did with Aerys many years before. I waited, I hoped, especially when he wasn’t able to get into the Red Keep.
Then that fucking embarrassing slapfight with Euron happened, and I couldn’t believe what I was really watching. Euron dies, Yara doesn’t even get the satisfaction of doing it herself, and Jaime limps up to see Cersei.
Again, I waited to see if he would snap her neck or something to fufil the much-lauded Valonqar prophecy, but NO. AGAIN. They simply die in each other’s arms. His character arc and her prophecy both die without ceremony, and it felt very much like ‘rocks fall, the end’. Bullshit. A more dedicated Jaime fan could go wild with this section, even without the Brienne parts. Brienne, honey, I’m so sorry this fuckknuckle did that to you.

She was knighted, SHIT YES FOR ALL HER LOYAL SERVICE SHE DESERVED IT YHAAASSSSS. And then Jaime fucked her and completely ruined every fucking thing. She becomes head of the Kingsguard under Bran, and writes some bullshit in the Book of Brothers about how honourable Jaime was. GIRL. NO HE FUCKING WASN’T. You were never shy about calling out his shitty behaviour, don’t fucking do it when he ran back to his fucking monster sister after humping and dumping you!
Look at what they did ;^;

Okay. Okay. So, the image of Sansa on a Stark throne fucking annoys me in more ways than one. First off, that crown is ugly and the designer should have been fired.
Ew. Just. In general. To all of what's in the image. Ew.
I've talked before about how Sansa's arc in S6 was about realising that family is the one thing that can be trusted and she can rely on her own kind, the kind that she shunned in favour of the glamourous life of Lords and Ladies in King's Landing. The life that was savage and nothing but guilded flattery on top of a rotten and vicious corpse. I was cheered when she rid herself of Baelish, I was happy to see Sansa and Arya working together. I was not happy with her initial attitude towards Dany, but I was willing to give a little leeway considering her trauma and the cost of getting back Winterfell.
What really sours my plums is when she suddenly throws Jon under the bus when it comes to the Iron Throne, outing his non-Stark heritage in a way that seems calculated to get him out of the way to the rights of Winterfell, despite her surprise at Jon giving the Lord's chambers to her when they retook Winterfell. She pretty much turned into a Cersei in her own right, and it spits in the face of her entire character arc. She got rid of all other claims to Winterfell by having Bran as King, Arya off on adventures, Jon exiled. She's the only Stark left.
This was the same Sansa that begged Jon to take back Winterfell, the same Sansa that was going to do everything in her power to keep him safe from Baelish, the same Sansa that was referring to Jon openly as her brother. All of that. Gone. I'm REALLY surprised more Sansa stans aren't angry at how she turned out. She 'won', but she's not Sansa. Not really. She's Cersei 2.0. Gods help anyone that has to deal with her as Queen in the North.
Her single good moment was when she told Edmure Tully to sit the fuck down when he tried to make a case for the Iron Throne as King. That was fucking hilarious.

Brandon Stark, The Three-Eyed Raven : Who the fuck is even this creature anymore. Yeah, suddenly being attacked by White Walkers and getting your guardian slaughtered and the Three-Eyed Raven murdered will traumatise anyone ... but exactly what direction was his actor given? Be weird and airy and distant? WHAT PART OF HIS STORY WAS ABOUT GETTING THE IRON THRONE!??! Him being placed on it made no Godsdamn sense and I'm still BAFFLED by this.
I don't wanna talk about this creep and neither should you

COMING UP - JON AND ARYA because I need a break for a few minutes and I am still mad about lots of things. Oh, and Night King, forgot about him. Like everyone else.
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2020.10.15 15:47 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 15th, 2020

There's a lot today so I'm splitting it up by franchise.
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2020.10.14 23:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 2- Now Look At Me

Virtual Drag Race Asia Season 1: Episode 2- Now Look At Me
Payton is fun, entertaining and campy and gives a show. She has clear dancer talents, and she can keep it up with Jennie. BUT... Jennie just... has it. Every single line, every single moment, she delivers it like she knows it off the back of her hand... and it is fantastic. All eyes are on Jennie... and it's her moment to shine.
Jennie Ulsan, you're a winner, baby!
Jennie smirks. "Thank you."
Jennie Ulsan: "I've proven myself, episode 1. I knew I could do this. But now I can always say... I was the first challenge winner of Virtual Drag Race Asia. Ever." Jennie smiles.
Payton Winn, well done this week.
"Thank you!" Payton waves.
Payton Winn: "I didn't win the lip sync, but I won the challenge. And... I am so happy." Payton grins. "Wow. I did this."
Now, my first 8... You all may go de-drag and rest. Because tomorrow... your other competitors will enter the werkroom.
Now, let the music play!
The Monarch's enter the werkroom...
"First episode..." Hangry exhales. "Over."
"So Miss Ulssaaaaaannnnnn!" Lu Booyah smiles. "Sister, you slayed."
"Well, you give me a blackpink song..." Jennie whips her hair. "I slay it. But let me say... Payton... you surprised me this week."
"Oh, agreed." Holly nods.
"Fantastic job, Payton." Tillie smiles.
"Thank you." Payton exhales. "I just really... want to prove myself..."
"Okay, not vibing with the whole proving myself thing..." Jennie whispers to Lu. "Show, not tell..."
Lu nods.
"I just think we all can..." Hangry looks around. "Clear the air...?"
"HAH." Tara laughs. "After you all laughed at me?"
"Well when you're being-" Amanda stops herself. "I agree..."
"The tea is." Jennie looks around. "7 other Skanks are about to come in, and we gotta do better. If we're not a united front..."
"We risk danger." Lu looks at Jennie.
Tara puts out her hand. "To the Top 8..."
The other 7 all put in their hands. "TO THE TOP 8!"
Tara: "Of course I don't trust these Queens. But I don't want to be attacked again. So I put in my hand. For now..."
Mr Bangcock struts into the werkroom in a pair of leather pants, wearing a tight black harness. "Ready to Bang?" He winks.
Mr Bangcock: "BOOM! My name is Mr Bangcock, and bang.... you're going to get ready for a show. I am a Bio King Drag Stripper Sexpot Galore, living in where else but... Bangkok, Thailand! I live for a dirty fun comedic take on drag, but I also love a bit of variation. Glamour, High Fashion, Traditional... it pops up some time. I like to stick my hand in everything, because where else can I experiment and... just have fun?!" Bangcock smiles.
"I'm first!" Bangcock jumps on the table, rips off his shorts, cartwheels, and does a split on the table. "Lovely..."
Madame Fabroa walks in an huge dress that looks as if she has hundred of glasses of Champagne upon it, making her tiny frame just... a little bit smaller. "Ooh My!"
"Oh yay!" Bangcock grins.
Madame Fabroa: "My name is Madame Fabroa and I am here to have fun... be loud... and celebrate! I am a Drag Queen residing in Cebu City, Philiplines. I am a Campy, Fun and Conceptual Drag Queen. I love the creation of intricate, campy looks that always draw attention to people. I am a small Queen... but I love to be the loudest sound in the room. What can I say...." Fabroa whips out a fan. "I love attention."
"Welcome!" Bangcock looks at Fabroa. "Beautiful..."
"Thank you!" Fabroa smiles. "I'm Madam Fabroa. You are..?"
"Mr Bangcock." Bangcock winks.
"Oh, fabulous." Fabroa raises her hands in the air. "I love BANGCOCK!"
Tomana Gerri walks out in a jumpsuit with a four leaf clover pattern throughout, short bluish purple hair and sparkly golden earrings. "Feeling LUCKY?!"
Fabroa and Bangcock both grin.
Tomana Gerri: "Hey Hey Hey, It's Tomana Gerri! I am, 24 years old, currently living in OSAKA! I am... the sun, the skies, the gods, the goddesses, the kings, the queens, the beautiful beauty of of the world and I am a Drag King superstar. Yay!" Tomona smiles. "I am the drag son of SABUKI DUBIDU! My drag mother has taught me to be proud of my madness, and I bring it as a source of joy. With Tomana, you will never get the same thing... TWICE!"
"I love the colours." Fabora smiles.
"It's my lucky suit!" Tomana smiles. And this..."
Tomana Gerri takes out a three leaf clover with another glued to the back. "Is my clover."
"A clover..." Bangcock smiles. "Hoping for luck?"
"Life is a journey, and all you should want is pride... luck... and joy!" Tomana grins.
"I live for that." Fabroa grins.
Miz-Keesha struts out covered in jewels and satin, her flawless mug at the forefront. "The Queen.... is here!"
"LOVE!" Tomana smiles.
Miz-Keesha: "My name is Miz-Keesha... and I am the Queen of Cosmetics!" Keesha smiles. "I am the Korean Beauty Queen Galore. Keesha is obsessed with the image- I have a collection worth over 130,000... or so, US Dollars." Keesha smiles. "I'm a singing and lip sync artist, and that's where I shine. I have a following, yes, but that's not that's all to me. I am of the belief that I am the full package, and I'm here to show that." Keesha smiles.
"That Makeup is GORGEOUS!" Fabroa raises her hands in the air. "You are?"
"Miz-Keesha. Queen of Korea." Keesha smiles. "You all look great!"
"God, this is so damn exciting!" Tomana gasps. "So darn exciting."
"So DAMN EXCITING!" Bangcock laughs.
Poliova Gratuysk walks out in a Chic Cut-Out black and white dress, looking like a Supermodel. "Finally, I'm out of EXILE!"
"Woohoo!" Bangcock cheers as Poliova arrives.
Poliova Gratuysk: "My name is Poliova Gratuysk, and I am the Siberian Ice Princess." Poliova smiles. "I'm 21, living in literal Yakutsk, Siberia... and I am a Superfan." Poliova laughs. "Siberia doesn't have many places to perform. I've done it once at a corporate event, once at a party, once at an underground... maybe I shouldn't say this on tv." Poliova blushes. "I do a lot of online stuff, but I am still a strong performer. I'm here to prove myself- on the biggest stage in the world."
"Where did you get this gorgeous dress? It's really well crafted." Madame Fabroa smiles.
"Oh, I made it..." Poliova smiles.
"Oh, wow." Tomana extends his arms. "WELCOME!"
"Thank you, Thank you." Poliova breathes out. "I can't believe I am finally here..."
"Soak it in, girl." Keesha grins. "We're here."
"Ew." Sakuya Kuromi walks out in a Black and Pink Grunge Couture Look: Fishnets, Platforms, Leather Belt, and a headband on top, she's straight out of the S8ter Boi Video, and it's 2002 again. "I forgot to change my tights!" She smiles.
Sakuya Kuromi: "I am Sakuya Kuromi, and I'm the next level in grunge: Gayer, but a little less grumpy." Sakuya laughs. "I am 26, living in Japan. Sakuya is Punk, She's E-Girl, She's Harajuku, Pastel Goth, and she's definitely a Visual Treat. I create all my looks, and I love to write, think, be logical, and kinda... ground the room in times it's needed. I'm not the Queen who will be jumping around, screaming, but I can promise you... it'll be just as exciting, if not in a different form."
"Hello Scary Ladies and Gents!" Sakuya waves. "How are we all?"
"Always excited!" Fabroa grins.
"Excited even more so we have a gorgeous Gothic Queen." Bangcock winks. "Welcome..."
"Sakuya Kuromi." Sakuya smiles.
"Welcome." Poliova nods.
"Omg, SAKUYA!" Tomana runs over and hugs her. "HOW ARE YOU?!"
"I'm so good, how are you?" Sakuya smiles. "It's great to have you here, Tomana."
"Oh, this is going to be such fun!" Tomana jumps around. "Aiiiiieeee....."
Oda Nobukatsu walks in, and the room stops. On one side of himself, he is dressed like a high elven mage- his skin purple and eyes bright blue, with a gorgeous half cape. Then, on the other side has him transformed into a Robotic form- straight out of the Borg, it's fantastically crafted, and is a look that leaves everyone gasping. "Sorry I'm late, there was a sale. Everything half off." Nobukatsu grins.
"It's an Oda..." Tomana looks anxious.
Oda Nobukatsu: "Rockets Warp...." Oda Nobukatsu grips the chair. "To VIRTUAL DRAG RACE! My name is Oda Nobukatsu, and I am the Drag Son of Oda Nobuna. I come from a classic family, and one of big reputation. I am the adverse reflection of my Mother. Not the Classic Japan, but the Modern World. That's where my references lie. I suffer from Bell's Palsy..." Nobu gestures to himself. "As you can probably see, but I never let that get in the way. I am dedicated to doing the best, and if anything, it helps me be the way I am. I love to split my face. Serve multiple looks. The Visual is where I live! But... I love to make people laugh too. A smile makes my day just as much as a good look does."
"Can I just.." Keesha gasps. "The special effects makeup..."
"Thank you." Nobu smiles. "I am..."
"Oda Nobukatsu." Tomana looks at Nobu. "I am... Tomana Gerri."
"Son of Sabuki?" Tomana raises an eyebrow.
"...Yes..." Tomana nods.
"Well, it's great to have someone familiar!" Nobu smiles.
"Oh, yay..." Poliova smiles. "Thank god there was no drama there!"
"That was years ago. Now, our Hauses can be friendly." Nobu smiles.
Let's Get Sickening!
"Wait, what?" Bangcock looks confused. "Wait a minute..."
Hello my lucky... uhn... 7 this time...
To do the thing I don't do well.
"Mysterious..." Nobu ponders.
Oh hey my second 7... Welcome to Virtual Drag Race Asia! I've handpicked the best Drag Monarch's in Asia to see who will be Asia's FIRST Drag Superstar... and I've decided, why not split it up?
"Just like season 3, 6, and 10..." Poliova smiles.
Everyone's getting a shot to showcase themselves! For our first Maxi Challenge, we're putting together a music group. You 7 will be creating your own verse, working together on Choreography... then performing on the main stage presenting your Verse in your fierce K-Pop inspired music groups!
Tomana Gerri: "Oh, YAY! I am feeling lucky! I know how to perform... this is what excites me. Oh, Happy Days!"
The Monarch's prepare for the episode by practicing Choreography.
"Okay, who's comfortable with doing CHOREO?" Madame Fabroa jumps around. "I put my hand up!"
"Me too." Bangcock grins.
"Oh, and me!" Tomana nods.
"I don't dance like amazing, but I can do something." Keesha laughs.
"Same." Poliova smiles.
"I'll be honest..." Nobu looks anxious. "I'm not the best dancer..."
"I have the same issue." Sakuya says. "Not where my skills lie."
"That's okay!" Tomana smiles. "We all learn. I find pairing up works well! We do a duo part, and then seperate and focus on our parts.. Fabroa, work with Keesha... I'll go with Nobu, and Sakyua and Poliova... and... oh no..." Tomana looks at Bangcock. "I forgot you... can you join a group?"
"I've always loved a threesome." Bangcock winks.
Nobu and Tomana work together.
"Now, SO..." Tomana smiles. "I'm just so excited to teach you..."
"It's fine. I get it too. I get excited on things I love as well." Nobu grins.
"What do you like?" Tomana smiles and extends his hand.
"Anime, Sci Fi..." Nobu is spun around.
"OH YES!" Tomana grins. "I love anime too."
"Really?" Nobu smiles. "Well, my obsession began in 2009-"
"I like that your face lights up when you get excited." Tomana smiles.
"Oh.." Nobu blushes. "Thank you."
"Now, tell me of this LOVE!" Tomana nods.
As they get ready, Poliova chats with Sakuya.
"I'm just... so overjoyed to be here." Poliova smiles. "It feels amazing..."
"Agreed." Sakuya nods. "But I feel a bit guilty.."
"Why?" Poliova looks at Sakuya.
"I... Applied for this season with my sister. We both... we both had this idea in our heads." Sakuya sighs.
"Belle and Leanne Part 2." Poliova smiles.
"Exactly!" Sakuya sighs. "So... when I got the call, I felt bad."
"But... you're talented... and here for a reason." Poliova smiles. "I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason."
"I know but... it's like... am I doing the right thing here?" Sakuya laughs awkwardly. "I keep thinking.."
"You be proud. You believe in yourself..." Poliova looks in the mirror. "And knows there's always season 2 for your sister. I know I can do it... and I'm sure you can too."
"I hope so too." Sakuya puts on her eyeliner.
Who wins?
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2020.10.14 02:28 givejinkxmorecrowns s03e08, “And the Winner Is...”

Anna Artica: entrance look; Dunkin Donuts torture scene; Book of Secrets advert; Mask4Mask runway; “DiePhone” film trailer; Life Imitates Art runway...
Bitter Betty: Death Becomes Her runway; Vaudevillian voodoo showcase; Sailor Moon realness; Mask4Mask runway; 1-888-U-WILL-NOT-GAIN-WEIGHT; Life Imitates Art runway...
Marina K Ultra: 3in1 superhero fantasy; Death Becomes Her runway; gruesome torture scene; “Dead on Arrival”; Life Imitates Art runway; “ScareBnB” film trailer...’ll be a Super-Freak-y fight to the finish.
Opening Theme Song (to the tune of “This Is Halloween” from A Nightmare Before Christmas)
Freaks and Queers around the world
and all you little straight boys and girls
open up your eyes and you will see
life is but a curiosity…
cur-i-osity! Cur-i-osity!
fearless and unconventional
cur-i-osity! Cre-a-tivity!
we’re all born queer and original
we’ve got tricks! We’ve got treats!
at Le Veau’s Cabinet of Queeriosities
ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha!
(music fades)
As the morning sun smiles through the windows of the Haunted Mansion, the top three competitors relax and converse in the lounge.
“Well ladies,” Anna begins, “this is it. Can you believe we’re finally at the end of this competition?”
“It doesn’t feel real at all,” says Marina, taking a bite of her bagel.
MARINA TH: Wow, I am in shock. But I’m here. The FINALE. The final f-cking three! Everything that I wished for and fought for this season came to fruition and I am so beyond happy and proud. I really did that, didn’t I? winks at the camera.
Betty nods her head in agreement. “It feels like we were just walking that first runway show!”
“Oh gosh, no. Let’s not revisit the past, please,” Anna interjects as she waves her right hand. “I hated that first challenge.”
“I did too,” Betty responds with a chuckle, “that and my Torture Scene. Girl.”
Marina shrugs. “I thought the premiere challenge was pretty fun.”
“Are you just saying that because you won, bitch?!?” asks Betty as Anna joins in for a laugh.
“Well, that just made me love it even more!” Marina replies.
The three share a laugh as Anna takes a sip of her coffee. “Well, this entire season has been full of ups and downs for sure but this Freak Show is in my wheelhouse so I’m looking forward to demolishing you hoes.”
“Aht aht—the race ain’t over yet!” says Betty, wiggling her index finger.
ANNA TH: I am feeling extremely confident going into this last challenge. Throughout the competition, I’ve been working my ass off trying to make what I do make sense in what this competition calls for and to fit the challenges. Sometimes it’s worked in my favor and sometimes it hasn’t. But this last challenge is so incredibly up my alley and I’m SO glad I’ve made it to the top three to be able to show these looks. pauses. Story challenges, branding challenges, performance challenges—I did my best. But this finale is LOOKS and CONCEPTS. And your girl is FULL of those.
Marina shivers and grabs her blanket. “It’s been so fun seeing everyone’s growth throughout the competition, especially you, Anna. Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?”
Anna’s face lights up. “That’s a very good question! I think of Anna as this separate entity with her own aesthetic. Winter wear, soda pop ice cream shop, all that jazz. But sometimes I don’t want to do that. And Nicholas comes through. This finale really is such a hybrid of who Nicholas is and who Anna is. As an artist you have your own view, but as a character, that character has their own view too. Sometimes one takes over—ideas usually branch off of that.”
“I love that!” Marina responds.
“I have a question for everyone,” says Betty. “Which challenge was your fav?”
“Honestly, I had the most fun with this Freak Show finale,” Anna answers, taking a sip of her latte. “Regardless how it turns out, these are my favorite looks I’ve personally done in a long time. Aside from that I liked my Mask4Mask runway show. Despite the drama, I like the look.”
MARINA TH: Anna really had me worried for a while that she wasn’t going to make the finale, but she really went into overdrive towards the end of this competition and proved she deserves to be here.
Marina smiles. “Mine was the Variety Show, for sure.”
“You won that challenge, too, bitch!” Betty points out. “She’s just winning everything I see.”
“Except for the crown,” Anna mutters.
“Anna, it isn’t nice to talk about yourself in that way, sweetheart!” says Marina.
Betty chuckles. “This is probably the shadiest we’ll get towards each other all season.”
Anna and Marina join her for a short laugh.
“Speaking of shady,” adds Betty, “who surprised you the most this season?”
“Aurora I thought was top four for sure,” Marina answers. “I was most surprised by Aurora honestly. Never had a writer queen drawn me in as much as she did with her writing. I was shoook and I wish we got to see more from her!”
“I’d say Lucy for me,” says Anna. “I pegged her as first out for being the youngest of the cast but boy did she prove me wrong.”
Betty nods her head in agreement. “That bitch was too fierce for her age.”
“On a serious note, though, it’s obvious you had controversy surrounding your track record, Anna,” Marina finishes. “How did you deal with that and manage to make top three despite all the negativity?”
Anna sighs. “It was really rough. It’s hard when a lot of people believe both of your wins were unfair.” She pauses before continuing. “I fully believed that these opinions were going to invalidate everything I was going to do and I wasn’t going to move forward purely because of drama and the outside noise. I almost didn’t even want to move forward. But I’m glad I stuck to it. I agree with this top three and I’m really happy I’m here with you ladies.”
ANNA TH: Going into this Final Shop Freak Show, I am mostly worried about miss Betty. This finale seems to be almost perfectly suited for me and Betty. She’s been CONSISTENTLY praised for her looks and if I’m going to be beat, it gonna be by her. I’m extremely confident in my looks but the judges seem to love her style and everything she does. So that is the only thing worrying.
“We made it, though,” says Betty. “We’re one challenge away from finding out who’s winning it all. Anybody nervous?”
Marina shakes her head. “I’m more ready than nervous for sure.”
“Of course you are, bitch. When are you ever nervous?” Betty asks.
“When Donald Trump is tweeting,” replies Marina, shrugging her shoulders. Betty and Anna laugh in response.
MARINA TH: Betty has been my best friend throughout this entire competition. We spilled tea, we helped each other with looks, and we both got to the finals! I wish we could both win, but at the end of the day, this is a competition and I am going to take her down. looks directly into the camera. I know for a fact that she is my biggest competition. That bitch is FIERCE. Outdoing her in a look based floorshow is going to be tough since she has such polish and talent, but I am not holding back...oh at all!
BETTY TH: Being here in the top three feels so validating, literally a bitch is about to bring EVERYTHING I've got for this finale. scene flashes to Betty and Marina in the lounge. I'm super excited cause I'm in the top three with my amazing sister Marina. Marina and I have had an alliance ever since she came back for season three and I’m ready to see what she’s gonna do in this Freak Show.
“Did you feel like doing this a second time had any pros or cons, Marina?” Anna asks.
“I think that this season was so different from last season challenge wise,” says Marina. “I definitely had pros with getting critiqued, and knew what to add and look for to avoid getting those same critiques. The cons were that I felt more pressure—if I failed again it would have been embarrassing as f-ck.”
“What do you think has changed?” asks Betty.
Marina pauses to think before answering. “What’s changed is definitely having a clearer vision. I was a total novice in season two. That was my first step into this character and really art in general. All my art previously was on film. I guess as I got to know the character and my artistic abilities more, I just was able to connect to the challenges and judges’ expectations better.”
“Aside from your little meltdown when you were in the bottom,” says Anna with a smile. Marina rolls her eyes.
“I do think some of my critiques that week didn’t sit well with me,” Marina admits. “Especially ‘cause I felt Lucy’s look had the same issues, but she wasn’t called out for it or penalized for it in her critiques. But at the end of the day, it is what it is and I’m here in this finale so I can’t even be upset.”
Betty shrugs. “Well, to be honest it's a competition—there's always gonna be someone in the bottom or someone's gonna be ‘robbed’—it’s bound to happen.”
“I agree. Although you’ve been using those candle powers of yours all season long on the eliminated Queers,” says Anna with a laugh.
“Oh, the #CandleCurse?” asks Betty.
“Where do you even get that from, girl?” Marina asks curiously.
“Well,” explains Betty, “in real life as Alex, I really care about vibes and energies and auras. I have my healing crystals and I grew up as a Christian but I recently found comfort in Buddhism so in my adult life I've been really paying attention to the whole ‘manifesting’ and karma thing. The whole cursed candle came from a joke, when I first arrived here at the Mansion I've been saying that I'm manifesting being in the top three while also vibing with the rest of the girls’ eliminations.”
Marina chuckles in response.
“Betty stop it! I’m Buddhist too!” exclaims Anna.
“Did you grow up as a Buddhist?” Betty asks. “Because personally I just found comfort in that religion and it really made sense in my head, mainly ‘cause it aligns with my personal beliefs.”
“I grew up actually a pagan. My mom was pagan. I found Buddhism on my own,” Anna responds. “Now I see where you get all this confidence from!”
Betty chuckles. “Betty might be super confident but that's what I lack as a person—I'm not that confident in my self. I don't wanna sound dramatic but seriously making it this far and being here in the top three with you fierce bitches really has given me so much confidence and helped me realize so much about myself.”
Before any of the top three Queers can respond, the main TV in the foyer flashes on as Bea’s face lights up on the screen. You’ve got Bea-mail!!!
“Awww, it’s our last Bea-mail, you guys,” says Anna as the three contestants make their way closer to the screen.
Seven! Six! Five! FOUR! THREE!!! TWO!!!!! ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Happy happy Halloween, my Queers!
Just as the TV cuts off, Bea makes her way down the grand staircase to greet the final competitors for the last time.
“How we doing today, ladies? You all as excited for this Final Shop Freak Show as I am?!” Bea’s face lights up with glee as the top three join in for a quick cheer.
“As you know, this Freak Show is the final lap standing between you and the season three crown,” she continues. “From the very first episode, each of you have set your own bar whilst simultaneously raising it, entering this competition a completely different Queer than the ones standing in front of me right now. All three of you having crowning worthy portfolios, so think of this Freak Show as a three-way tie breaker for the win.”
MARINA TH: Taking risks in this competition has been what’s got me to this point. And I am pulling out all the stops with this finale. Different mediums, moving art, an overall concept, all the risks have been taken this week for me, and I am just hoping it pays off.
Bea pauses. “Now before I send you all off to prepare for the Freak Show, I’d like to know from each of you: what would it mean to win the title of Reddit’s Next International Drag Super-Freak? Let’s start with you, Marina.”
“Winning this crown would be validation that I can be terrible at something,” Marina begins to answer, “but if I put in the work and practice, I can do anything. My runways on season two were rickety, crickety, crunchy, and moldy. I was embarrassed looking at all the talent surrounding me and felt like I did not belong in the competition. But I worked at my craft, and I got better. So when I got this second chance, I wasn’t gonna come in blind again. I knew the expectations and I exceeded them. I won challenges, I surprised myself and others with what I was able to create. And I had so much fun doing it, which I can’t say I did my first season. This season was a make or break moment for me as an artist, and I can say without feeling cocky that I knocked it out of the park. That is the kind of spirit and tenacity this cabinet of Queers calls for.” She pauses before continuing. “Also if you don’t give me the crown I have an atomic bomb strapped to my back and I’ll blow this mansion to bits so...”
Betty bursts into laughter as Bea and Anna join in behind her. “Don’t make me call my lawyer.”
MARINA TH: As someone who had not done digital or barely any art before coming to this competition last season, I am damn proud of my journey and my evolution. Looking at my episode one look from season two to my portfolio this season makes me feel so happy. I am that bitch, and I’m ready for that crown.
Bea nods in Anna’s direction. “Anna, what say you?”
Anna sighs. “I think I’ve said it before but it would honestly mean validation. I know that I love what I do and I have learned a long time ago to be my own biggest fan. It would just make me feel validated in what I do to know that people get it and people celebrate it. It would mean I have something to offer that other people want. It’s something everyone is searching for. I genuinely want to make people happy with clothes and costumes so knowing people like what I do would just be so validating.”
“Thank you, love!” says Bea. “And you, Betty?”
“It would mean the world to me ‘cause I've given my all to this competition in order to get here in the top three. It’s my first big step after being in a weird and dark place in my life and I finally feel like I reclaimed all the passion and inspiration that was taken from me by my doubts and my anxiety.” Betty takes a deep sigh and gulps, trying to hold back her emotions. “Winning this season would also give me the opportunity to be a voice for all the Queer POC kids out there. I've been living in a dark place ‘cause where I live, being black and Queer really makes me stand out and draw all the unwanted attention. It was really hard for me to be socially active through the years since I didn't wanna walk down the street and listen to any negative or ignorant comments. Also I never felt like there was a place for me in the LGBTQ+ community ‘cause I was ‘too black’ and ‘too feminine’—even for what was supposed to be my community. All these things made me do less and less each day. I didn't have any interests except staying up all night to play video games and then sleep the entire next day. I lost all interest in creating art and I thought that things wouldn’t get any better. Seeing all this violence and injustice on TV against people in the States and more specifically men who looked like me made me feel so sad and so exhausted with everything. I had all the help by my partner and my friends but I was my OWN biggest enemy during this period. Until I applied for this show and something sparked inside of me that I can’t explain. I said to myself that this is the silver lining that I've been looking for and since that moment, things are a hundred percent better mentally and spiritually. Of course some days are harder than others but I have a more positive mindset, and I have you and this competition to thank, Bea.”
Bea smiles and raises her hand to wipe her eye. “Thank you, and thank you all for your honesty. This decision is not going to be an easy one in the slightest.”
BETTY TH: I didn’t wanna turn this into a racial thing, but growing up as a black kid in a white country really made me feel as if I never had an advantage over anyone. Ever since I was a little boy I would show my art to people but they had this stereotype all because I was black and tall for a kid that I should be playing basketball, and that drawing pretty females was for girls. So being here in this competition surrounded by all this talent made me feel so good. It’s a whole journey for me—every single one of the Queers this season has helped me whether they know it or not it. I now realize that I belong somewhere.
“Alright, my Queers,” continues Bea, “for your Final Shop Freak Show I will be looking for the four main qualities of this competition in each of your performances: FEARLESSNESS, UNCONVENTIONALITY, CREATIVITY, and to be unapologetically QUEER. As you know, the four main categories of the Freak Show are inspired by the ones of the original cabinets of curiosities, so make sure to give us all a SHOW! Everything you’ve done not just in this competition but in your personal lives has led up to this very moment. Hodně štěstí, ladies and remember—do NOT bore me!”
She flashes one last grin before turning to head back up the staircase. The top three Queers stand in silence for a few seconds as the realization of it being the final day at the Haunted Mansion settles in.
“Let’s do this, bitches!” Anna exclaims in excitement.
MARINA TH: Every week I have tried to inject my own life experiences, influences, and stories into every look, and looking at this final Freak Show of mine really does tell a story. My story. pauses. I’m getting emotional even thinking about this finale because I know how much planning, conceptualizing, and hard work was put into my looks. This competition is no joke, Mary. After this, I’m gonna hibernate for a good seven and a half months. No one wake a bitch up.
Stay tuned for our Final Shop Freak Show and find out who will walk away from season three a CROWNED WINNER!
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2020.10.13 22:10 SriFenbyEx Fun and Intrigue Series - How the party became repo men for a drug dealer and killed the guy getting Repo'd

Even though this is way later down the line in my on-going long campaign this session was a bit hilarious to the players in how they worked as repo men for a drug dealer and accidentally killed the guy they beat up with poor medicine checks. Currently gearing up in doing the temple of elemental evil - with a very interesting twist.

< Episode 63 > Repo Men
[Dark Season / week 3 / day 3] - Weather - Strong Winds
Peering into the non-colorful darkness at 8 pm the Swashbuckler saw two deers in the nearby trees, they ran off shortly after making eye contact. Finding nothing else noteworthy everyone heads back to the Inn to rest up for the next day. After breakfast everyone convenes and talks about what to do next, some wanted to stay and do more investigation but points were made about being here long enough. The team decides to head on over to the village of Nelb in their quest to look for the drug supplier Danny for information about the castle being magically built at the empire's border. The same castle the team's tasked to destroy in order to prevent their glorious empire from doing a preemptive attack against the FighteRanger country Springhelm, which would trigger a 2 on 1 or possibly 3 on 1 war against the Brint empire. The empire would " most likely " win the war due to overall military might but it'll be left in an extremely vulnerable state afterward, the main four-way alliance with the main church, pally-bro, and trader country may help the empire with supplies but that's just about it. If it's a war of aggression neither country is obligated to lend military support and the empire is the main church's least favorite of the bunch.
Off to the semi-lawless village of Nelb, a short one hour jog and this Danny character surely have to be here, off the bat some noticeable buildings were spotted. A hostel, herbalist shop, some farm buildings next to a marsh, and a twin Tavern/Bazaar merged into a large building. The team splits up and tries to gather some information, mostly everyone didn't find much but the Bard did find out that Danny often goes to the hostel and the herbalist shop. The Bard and Swashbuckler checks out the herbalist shop while the Paladin and Birdman go to the hostile. Bard walks up to the two grumpy old ladies and works his charm, the grumpy old ladies told the Bard and his assumed drug-addicted Swashbuckler to get out of their store and go bug Danny. He's either out on the farm or hanging out at the tavern-bazaar. Paladin and Birdman walk into the Hostel, maybe there are old people here doing the packaging of the drugs before distribution. Paladin walks up for the counter and straight-up asks if Danny's been here, the receptionist says there's two Danny's a visitor and a person currently staying at the hostel.
Before making a deception check Bird-Man pulls a power play and walks up to the desk, "Actually I - proceeds to walk away". The Paladin is now left alone and fails to deceive the receptionist. A mean-looking caretaker turns his head to the Paladin who is now slinking out of the building. Meeting up again behind some houses everyone decides to check out the farm to the north, moving in two groups of four and spread out a half-hour walk later everyone gets there with muddy shoes and the Swashbuckler spots the barn and approaches it. Gets stopped by a farmhand and said to back off, only Danny's allowed to go in there. Swashbuckler says he's the new guy and managed to sound out random syllables and manages to get off the right tone of the word with a good deception check. Farmhand says to go talk to Danny down in the Tavern-Bazaar, he normally hangs out there. With the location of the drug dealer secured everyone runs back and pokes their heads through the Tavern door, there's a large brawl going on with at least 20 people throwing hands and another 10 to 15 watching the show. Swashbuckler tries to jump into the brawl and get some of that sweet snow, instead get's tables and chairs thrown at him. He dodges them while a half-naked goliath with coke/snow blow is all over his face is flipping tables over like an absolute mad man. The Bard decides to make the crowd even more rowdier by playing his toot horn.
A few more people join in the ongoing brawl all jazzed up, a seemingly clean looking man with a gold tooth is in the back corner of the room - got em. A stroll up to this man confirms that it's Danny. Birdman's once-loyal hotdog selling employee Bob's drug supplier. The Bard decides to buy some snow from Danny and starts to get on his good side and eventually asking about any suspicious customers and about the castle in question. Danny ponders a little and for a mere 150 gold he'll talk about the castle, Birdman walks up and drops the money on the table. Apparently, some people in black armor with a yellow eye definitely has something to do with the castle. As the castle continued to get closer to completion these strangers came less and less over. This links the kidnappers to Springhelm's military, someone high up is involved in order to let them kidnap citizens with impunity.
Danny also states that he also deals with one of the kidnappers in drug sales. This critical lead is immediately followed but one of Danny's customers owes him gold, a lot of it. He points to a man that's in the process of getting his back broken BanevBatman style. Danny says either pay off his debt of 378 gold or chop off his head and hands as proof of murdering him and then he'll offer the info at a discount bargain price. The Bard being of a good alignment puts in motion to not flat out murder the man, the Samurai, Cleric, Birdman, and Paladin agree. Half-elf doesn't much care but the Thief and Swashbuckler wouldn't hesitate to do so if things go south. Danny says that the man in debt lives in a house a little bit out of town, about a 30-minute walk from the tavern. The Bard and Birdman nods and relays the request to the team and everyone starts getting to work. The wounded man in debt is now on the floor which the Repo-Team revs up their sticky fingers. The Thief wades into the mosh pit and steals some gold off of the man, afterward, everyone begins to head off to the man's house to steal anything that isn't nailed down. This is in a literal sense.
The Samurai isn't all too pleased with the entire situation so he does the minimum. Everyone's at the house and peaks through the window, for a man in debt some of his furniture looks pretty nice. The Thief picks the lock and finds out that it's pretty sophisticated, after picking the door open he starts to remove the entire lock mechanism from the door. Once inside everyone gets a good look, Swashbuckler looks very good and finds a small stash of gold under the floorboard. It was at this time the Bard said start snatching up the furniture, the Bard's no cold-blooded killer but refusing to pay a debt is grounds for repoing. The Bard with some help repo's the fancy-looking one seat couch, Paladin finds some gold in it. Swashbuckler looks around again and finds a wooden spoon, isn't worth much but looking around outback finds a furniture set. An iron table with some iron chairs - repos that too. That's a fancy looking mahogany bed, into the repo pile, the Thief disassembles the locking mechanism and stows it. Just before leaving everyone looked at the seeming nice looking door, repos that as well. The Thief couldn't take the door apart cleanly and the Samurai didn't try his hardest to fix the minor damage. Cleric used mend and the door looks good as new. Overall the amount of repo'd furniture covers about half of the man's debt, now it's off to the Bazaar to sell everything.
The only issue is that carrying all of the furniture is going to require six people to carry everything as it's all loaded onto the door so a single invisibility spell is only needed. Swashbuckler uses invisibility on the repo'd goods then the Cleric, Thief, Birdman, Half-Elf, Swashbuckler, and Paladin lifts up the door and begins a grueling 30-minute walk with over soft soil and dirt. As arms start to get heavy everyone rolls an athletics check to maintain stamina. The Thief and the Cleric's tiny kobold arms couldn't withstand the weight and everything spills onto the dirt and mud. A quick mend and brushing off everyone loads the door up, Half-Elf invisibility the door and it's content and it's back to work. Boy howdy - those arms are starting to get really tired. Swashbuckler, Thief, Cleric, and Paladin make that save; Birdman and Half-Elf, on the other hand, doesn't and everything falls onto the floor again. The bed gets a small chip, only a loss of 2 gold but the Bard is determined to make sure every gold count. While loading the contents onto the door the very man their stealing from seeing them loading everything onto the door. He shouts at them only to have the Thief drop kick him in broad daylight, this drew the attention of some passersby but thankfully they only saw a flying Tabaxi with human ears. The Thief knocks the man out and drags him to a nearby shed to bind him with rope. Right before the passersby started to approach the team Swashbuclker caused a distraction making a thunder sound in the distance. This drew a lot of attention but gave everyone enough time to load the cargo back up and continue walking weirdly to the bazaar. Some walking around later they find a merchant with the balls to put a sign outside of his shop "Fence - you got it we buy it."
Paladin makes the save but the Swashbuckler doesn't, Cleric makes the save, and the Thief nat 20s and gets that big boy save for the Swashbuckler. Really the only way you can mess everything up is on a nat one - which the Half-Elf not only does but has a -1 modifier. Not only does the Half-Elf runs into the Thief but the entire contents spill out onto the floor so loudly it draws everyone in the bazaar's attention. Caught literally red-handed the Fencer smiles and says he'll only buy it for x amount, which means only a fourth of the man's debt will be paid instead of half if the team accepts the deal. The Bard manages to convince the Fencer that the material of the furniture is superb and makes the Fencer buckle and pays the normal amount. The Thief during the commotion slinks out of the Bazaar with the Swashbuckler to make sure the wounded debt-ridden man is okay. Upon reaching the man in question he is bleeding from a head wound, the Thief and Swashbuckler attempt to render first aid with medicine. Makes the situation worst and the man failed a death saving throw another attempt proves to be better and he slowly regains consciousness but is totally incoherent. The man utters words which a passed insight check by the Swashbuckler says there's something about his boots - man these are some fancy looking boots. There's even hidden gold inside of the heel of the boots! This would cover little over half of the man's debt plus with the repo'd goods, pleased with their find the Swashbuckler suggests the man to go home. Which he does still tied up by the rope only to fall and hit his head on the floor reopening his head wound and making it worst. Flipping out the Thief tries to hold up the man's head while the Swashbuckler prepares bandages.
The Thief having a -1 in medicine and rolling a Nat 1 accidentally snaps the man's neck instantly killing him. Both the Thief the Swashbuckler gasps in the horror of their very - VERY poor doctoring ability. An awkward moment later the Swashbuckler shrugs "I guess we chop off his head and hands?" Which they proceed to do and stash the body parts in the bag of holding, leaving the body in the shed where it laid. A fast run around the village later they make it back to the Tavern and tell everybody about the failed attempt of being doctors. The Samurai is mortified and the Bard freaked out over the fact that he instrumented a murder, Cleric proceeds to pray and drink and the Paladin is laughing both at the mistake of the Thief and Swashbuckler and of how he really shouldn't be laughing at all as this sort of thing his god frown upon. The Half-Elf and Birdman just stand there awkwardly.
The Thief sheepishly hands the Bard the bag of holding and points to the inside contents, the Bard grabs the bag and shows Danny the ill-gotten goods. Danny pleased says he'll tell them everything he knows about this kidnapping client if they pay him a fee of 100 gold. He's running a business, after all, he leans in towards the Bard and Birdman and says "Alright, so this is what I know about the guy..." - to be continued.
Five Days and 4 hours remain until the Brint Empire is forced to attack.
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2020.10.13 14:15 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 13th, 2020

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2020.10.12 23:35 OneWingedDevil28 Devil's Diaries (Season Two - Chapter Two: Burden)

“Desmond… Despite our hours of speaking, I can’t help to think that I don’t know you as much as I would like to.”
“What do you mean by that, Doc?”
“Hmmph… You seem to speak a lot about the Devil, enough for me to know him. But what about yourself? Take away the Devil, who IS Desmond Caid?”
“Receiver of Deception has STOLE the FBE World Championship from the One Winged Devil on the Firestorm after Rush Hour!”
“Atlas Rogue has OWD staggered, he connects the CROWN. OF. THORNS! 1…2…3! Huge upset!”
“Desmond! You with me?”
“Yeah, yes…”
“And your answer?”
“Erm… Can we continue this next week, Doc?”
“Of course… May I ask why you are leaving? We still have plenty of time left, if there’s anything to get off your chest, now is the time to do so.”
“Nah, I gotta dash.”
“Very well. Take care, Desmond.”
“You too, Doc.”

Devil’s Diaries (Season Two – Episode Two: Burden)
PING! Desmond Caid pulls into a car park in Lambeth, London, in his McLaren P1. He pulls out his phone from the pocket of his cut off trenchcoat.
Message from Atlas Rogue: Hey man! Check out the rankings, think you’ll like where you’ve been placed. Talk soon, bro. You still owe me that drink after I won the Tag Team Championships the other week.
Caid grins to himself, putting his phone back into his pocket as he emerges from the sports car on a grey day in London, the Autumn setting emitting a relaxing atmosphere from the surrounding trees, as they steadily blow back and forth, their golden leaves detaching from the grasp of the branches and flailing around in the uncontrollable wind.
Caid enters a Cemetery, just along from the Thames. Nothing special. He makes his way through the entire facility, reaching a desolated corner, with a single gravestone. A blank one. It’s Icarus. The old man who was seemingly everywhere at the same time as Desmond. Eventually it was revealed that he was Desmond Caid trapped in another reality, another universe, a Desmond Caid who was trapped in the Devil’s Asylum, released by the Devil to try and warn Desmond of the incoming Doomsday. He was eventually killed by the Devil.
Desmond takes a moment at his grave, reminiscing about their numerous interactions. Time flies by, straight into the Lunch Hour, where the surrounding streets are occupied with scurrying civilians sprawling into coffee shops and their cars. A woman, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and similar attire to Desmond, albeit more feminine, approaches the corner of the Cemetery.

“I’m not doing autographs right now.” Desmond slightly turns his head and proclaims, as he turns back to the grave, the woman, around the same age as Desmond, also staring at the grave. Desmond hesitates, before speaking again, “Who are you?”
“I could ask the same to yourself.”
Desmond turns, and catches his first full glimpse of the lady. “How do you know him?” the woman asks in a broken voice, as she nods in the direction of Icarus’ grave. “A few conversations here and there.” Desmond begins to walk in the direction of the exit, the lady grabbing the hand of Desmond, she’s near tears, shaking her head.
“No one knows my grandfather like that.” Desmond tenses up, his expression reading shock, he’s perplexed, as she lets go of the grip of Desmond’s wrist. “What’s your name?”
“Esther. He was my grandad, Icarus. I thought I was the only one who knew him. Your name?”
“Desmond. Esther, I have to go. I’d love to share dinner in your grandfather’s memory. Friday at 8?” Esther nods, as Desmond begins to leave, the two exchange eye contact before Caid picks up his phone. “Quentin! Book me a Table for Two at the Ritz this Friday at Eight.”

Caid pulls up to Esther’s address at five past eight on the Friday – he analyses that she lives in a run-down flat in Lambeth, most likely in a poor financial situation. Despite this, she still dresses for the occasion, overwhelmed by the invitation to the Ritz, the most acclaimed restaurant and hotel in London.
“I’ve been waiting outside for twenty minutes now, you’re late.” Esther claims as she gets into the car, Desmond taking a glance at his watch and seeing 6 minutes past eight. They both take a seat in the restaurant, an awkward dynamic at first, as they share stories about Icarus, Desmond trying his best to refrain from recalling the time he repeatedly threw Icarus into the River Thames.
The conversation concludes on a sombre note, as Esther mentions the bedtime stories Icarus would tell Esther about a Demonic being that would promise to cause Doomsday over the world, and how one man, a Prophecy, would stop him in heroic might. Desmond finishes his dish of ravioli, as he begins to take a glance at the Dessert Menu.
“So, what do you do as a job?” Esther takes a sip of Moet Champagne, Desmond visibly perplexed. He thought everybody knew who he was, and what he did.
“Erm… Yeah, I’m a part of FBE… You’ve heard of us, right?”
“You mean Fantasy Booking Elite? My brother works for you guys!” Desmond nearly chokes on his last piece of ravioli.
“As a cameraman.” Esther continues, Desmond exclaiming a huge sigh of relief. He went over to America least year, I haven’t heard of him since, but I’m sure he’s doing great.” Desmond’s relief turns to concern again. “May I ask you your surname?”

Later on in the night, as families begin to head towards the Exit, the piano player finishing his set and the chandeliers providing intimate lighting, Desmond finishes telling Esther about his go-to flirting topic: WarGames, in which Esther is slightly confused, but is enjoying the story. “And what happened to your International Championship?”
“Erm… Inter- what is it.”
“That’s the one.”
“Yeah, I lost that to this dude called Thad. There’s not much to it, he beat me fair and square. He’s a great guy.”
“Well, maybe the untouchable Desmond Caid isn’t so immortal after all” both chuckle, as the waiter comes over with the bill, Esther heading off to the toilet, Desmond pulls out his phone and pulls up Thaddeus on his Messages.
Hey, I know this is out of nowhere but… You want to have another match at Firestorm next week? Just think it’d be awesome to run back our previous matches… Champion vs Champion, how does it sound?”
Esther returns, taking a seat. “It’s gonna be a nightmare getting back to my flat, Friday night London traffic is something I do not wish to indulge in.” Esther begins to finish her final glass of champagne, Desmond contemplating. “I could rent you a room here if you want?” there is an awkward silence, before Esther agrees, Desmond calling up Quentin and getting it sorted.
Both Esther and Desmond ascend the steps of the Ritz, emerging into a luxurious Hotel Suite which overlooks London. Desmond begins to set up shop in the Living Room, placing his phone down on the Kitchen Table, as Esther opens the door to the bedroom. Desmond and Esther make eye contact, as Caid begins to follow her into there, his phone buzzing on the table,
“Sure thing! Excited to face (and beat you) again mate!”
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2020.10.12 11:36 ImThatWrestlingGuy How To Piss Off Fucking Everyone, With Atlas - Episode 7 - Part 1

Atlas’ Track of the Episode (P1): Boredom - Tyler, The Creator feat. Anna of the North, Corinne Bailey & Rex Orange County

As the feed comes to life, the camera’s view is directed to the floor, slowly panning upwards. We see the legs of a dark brown mahogany desk, and underneath are a pair of Black 'Basquiat' 8-Eye Dr Martens. As our scene slowly reveals the set of HTPOFE, the E1 Climax & Triple Crown Trophies and ‘ROGUE’ E1 Briefcase can be seen in the background, replica belts from of the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Titles hanging on stands adjacent to the trophy, and his 3 Bookies shine nicely at the back. Sitting on the desk, is the Booker in the Bank Briefcase, the name ‘Dream Bleeder’ engraved in the gold plaque on the front, as well as the custom embossed microphone Apeirogone handed Mr BITB in his departure, a glass case the new home of the mic, and the Doc Martens are swung up onto the table, the FBE General Manager, Atlas Rogue, sitting in his chair, his FBE Tag Title slung over his shoulder, a cocky smile on his face. Before he starts, he reaches into a draw in the desk and pulls out a nameplate, the words ‘Your Boss’ slotted into it giving off heavy amounts of ‘fuck you’ energy.
“Well, well, well. Last time I ran this show I was hot off a loss at Unbreakable, a failure, a disappointment, and a broken bodied title-less bitch. However, the Dream Bleeder wouldn’t be down for long; I became the Ace of FBE when I won the World Title, I put on classic after classic in countless Firestorm and PPV main events, became Mr Booker in the Bank at BTE, simultaneously retiring the Fruity Fuck, and now I’m Tag Team Champion alongside Receiver, completing the Triple Crown in the process. I’ve elevated myself even more by joining the FBE Management team, becoming your new boss alongside Matthews, and Receiver, Desmond, and I are at the top of FBE right now, and it’s going to stay like that until some of you lazy fuckers on the roster step up. We’re the only 3 men to ever hold a Fantasy Booking Briefcase, the 3 men with the longest World Title reigns, and the 3 men who are going to purify FBE of its demons; the question is: are you ready?”

“But what has ol’ Atlas got in store for you today? We’ve got the third instalment of the Power Rankings, a BTE II recap to remind you of one of FBE’s greatest PPV to date, I’ll be announcing the newest member of The Celestial Unknown followed by an interview with them, and in our main event, we’ve got a sit-down interview with an FBE legend. Stay tuned for all that later.”

“It wouldn’t be HTPOFE without degrading some other roster members, so first up on my Hitlist: Conor Cassidy. After sustaining an injury circa Unbreakable II, Conor’s final appearance before his short departure was at Pick Your Poison, where he once again failed to win some gold, the Intercontinental Title staying over the shoulder of Desmond, and you left, the audience quickly forgetting about your existence as they were too distracted by other, proper talents. At Homecoming you returned, losing to Inferno because you’re an incompetent fuck, and then you continued the trend of defeat, not only losing once at BTE, oh no, but you lost twice, falling short in two championship matches in classic Cassidy fashion. Isn’t it strange to think that around a year ago we shared the ring at BTE over that same IC Title, where I, the champion, unsuccessfully defended the belt, you finally winning some gold on your own? And from there, you had the longest IC Title reign ever, you won the tag titles (in a match you weren’t supposed to be in), but you also had an abysmal E1 run, (ain’t it strange for someone to do so badly in a tournament they were the favourite to win in), and after your short run of success, you were beaten by your own teammate, drew with a team amassing a total of 0 wins combined to retain the belts, before subsequently vacating them because you were too much of a fucking pussy to fight without your boyfriend. I avenged my BTE loss, only digging that hole of descendancy even more, and as mentioned before, you couldn’t win a single match since returning. You want title shots? Earn it, buddy. Unless Matthews wants to give you a free shot, you’ll be working your ass off so you can prove to the fans, to management, and to yourself that you are still worthy.”

“Ah yes, Capital STEEZ. ‘The 1 Month Magician’; he can make any promising title reign… disappear! The Intercontinental Title? Blink and you’ll miss it! The World Title? Look at it vanish! The Tag Titles? Now you see them, now you don’t! Seriously, dude, I get your bags are filled with other heavy accessories; doesn’t mean you need to get rid of a championship every time you win it. But we can’t blame you, some people just never evolve. You’ll always just be the little Brooklyn kid you started as, and never the true NY pimp you project yourself as. You beat me at Lights Out? You ended my genuinely interesting World Title reign? Wow, someone suck this guy’s dick because he’s hurting his back doing it for himself. You really took your time in beating me, mate: 8 whole months, it took you. But surely Atlas’ loss can only lead to Steez’s success, right? Ah, shit. First off, you get brutalized and beaten via TKO by Ape, then you lose to Desmond Caid for the 5th time in your career, ending your World Title reign unsurprisingly early, and now… well you’ve really fucked yourself, haven’t you? REVOLT is practically dead, you’ve severed ties with almost everyone on the roster, forming enemies you can’t win against, your new shiny faction lost to Receiver and I in your first match as a team, and you’re left in the shadows of Caid, Crowley, and Ape. But I’m sure you’ll rebuild yourself back up, it surely can’t get worse from here for you…”

“But don’t worry, because the polar opposite of losing titles quickly has returned: Mr Travis Crowley. Before anything however, I must congratulate him on surpassing my list of nicknames with an even longer collection of monikers, the majority of them taken from the titles of tracks by his favourite rappers or the name of a video game starring Mr Clean’s grumpy nephew. Alas, I digress… what’s the real reason I’ve called out Period Locks? Well, ever since he’s returned, he’s acted like he’s on some other shit. Talking bout Third Eye fuckery backstage and baring his ruby red false teeth, it seems as if Crowley has forgotten where he stands in the company. Luckily for him, I’m the only guy on this brand who’s taken the balls to step up to him. Steez, Inferno, even Finn have all been quiet around the topic of the boring Highly Suspect member, although I’m sure they’re having a hard time not opening their fucking mouths every 5 seconds so we’ll probably hear something from them shortly. You see, Crowley’s only accolade here in FBE is that he held a championship for an extended period of time. Not to mention his impressive record of defences against… The Collective, the majority of the transitioning Juniors entering the Heavyweight, and the occasional genuinely interesting opponent. But then, since he jammed his finger in his car, he was ‘forced’ to relinquish the belt, got beat up by his ex, and now he’s back after missing the biggest show of the year, ready to take on the best and brightest in FBE’s current landscape. Look Scott Crowley, the only reason you’re in the World Title picture is because you boost ratings; the edgy emo demographic once pushed by Inferno has died out after that British fuck refused to win at BTE, Lights Out, P&C… and now that you’re back, how will you survive? You stepped on the heads of your REVOLT stablemates and prevented their pushes while you 4 were a faction, and now that Ape’s gone, you’ve got no one. You used to be able to hand yourself championships when Ape was in power, like going up against a newbie at the Anniversary Show for the inaugural match of a championship, but now that I’m your boss, and I don’t suck you off while you play Call Of Duty, you might actually have to work for a title shot! Heavens above! Heresy! “Welcome Back to The Fall”? FBE was never The Fall: you held a title and beat up little kids weekly while stunting the growth of Steez and Slash, you really think this place was ever your little fantasy land where you’re the King? Nah, you need a reality check Crowley, You surely know what I’m allowed to do now that I’m General Manager, Travis, so stay in line.”

"Now with that out of the way, it’s time for the segment everyone genuinely cares about (I hope… ye bastards): The Power Rankings! This is Season 3 of the PR and it’s definitely been our most interesting as a lack of breaks has allowed for our top workhorses to shine through more than usual. So, without further ado, who’s at #10?"
10 – Maxxx Cleavage: 5 – 0 – 4 56% 9 matches +1
#10 is the only original Jr in the Rankings this Season, as his debut match was in the First Round of the Gedo Classic, where the FBE audience got their first look at Maxxx Cleavage. On Firestorm XXXVIII, Maxxx went up against the hyped-up James Marshall figure, decisively beating one of the tournament favourites, before going onto beat the equally exotic Joey Joey Siwa in the Semi’s, Maxx securing his spot in the inaugural Jr Heavyweight Title Match, only falling short to The Master and eventual winner Thaddeus Hemmingway in his PPV debut. We’d get an exciting JJS/Maxxx rematch at Warzone II, but just like their first encounter, Maxxx got an impressive victory, winning himself a Jr Title Match at Ape’s Summer Break. This bout was made an MMA Rules Match ahead of time, and that may have cost Maxxx as he suffered only his second loss in the company to Damien Blade. Yet he would avenge that loss, taking on Blade in a rematch on Firestorm XLIX, where he defeated Damien, but he was, unfortunately, unable to keep that momentum going into Homecoming where he just came up short in the Jr Title Match Triple Threat against James Scott and Brother Khusu. His performance was so good, however, that he was granted a Jr Championship Match versus James Scott the following Firestorm, Scott pinning the man he didn’t at Homecoming here at Firestorm 50. And finally, he reignited his feud with Damien Blade once more, both men putting their careers on the line in their BTE II ‘I Quit’ match, Maxxx forcing Damien to say those haunting two words, leaving their rivalry with a record of 1 – 2 in favour of Maxxx. A Win Percentage of 56% in their debut Season is well-deserving of the #10 spot, and keep your eye out for Maxxx in the upcoming months, as this guy has got all the potential to be a future star.
9 – James Scott: 5 – 0 – 2 71% 7 matches +2
James Scott made his FBE debut at Firestorm XLVI, jumping ship from EPW, however, he was bested by Jason Beggs in a Jr Division Fatal 4-Way, bouncing back on Firestorm 48 with a win over former-Jr Champ Damien Blade, a big win that would start his success in the company. It would only go upwards from there, winning the biggest match of his career with a victory over Grand Slam Winner Nate Matthews, management noticing his undeniable talent in this bout and handing him a well-deserved Jr Title shot for Lights Out. And he would capitalize on this opportunity, winning the Jr Championship after beating Maxxx Cleavage and champ Brother Khusu! James would go onto defend his title twice more, beating Maxxx Cleavage and Finn Thomas in consecutive bouts over a fortnight, reaching the minimum number of wins for a champ to relinquish his belt, receiving an Intercontinental Title shot in the process. Unfortunately, at BTE II, Scott suffered a serious injury midway through his match with Thaddeus Hemmingway, the ref being forced to count the 10 as James lay in agony on the outside, Thad winning via Count-Out. Nonetheless, Scott had one of the most successful debut runs in FBE; and he’s received praise from the likes of Ape and Nate Matthews, so he’s one to watch as FBE returns to weekly programming.
8 – Nate Matthews: 8 – 0 – 7 53% 15 matches -7
Current TV Champion and Commissioner of FBE Nate Matthews was straight off a loss at Unbreakable II, where he lost his World Title to Ethan Fadely after a memorable reign, and he shortly retired afterwards, suffering a beatdown at the hands of REVOLT in a sickening and emotional segment. But Matthews would make his shocking return just weeks later, narrowly losing out in his Warzone Qualifier on Firestorm XLII, before beating United and Independent in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match at Warzone II. Nate would be revealed as a participant in the Heyman Classic, losing to Receiver of Deception in the First Round, only to bounce back with an UNDESERVING win over me… cunt. In a Summerfest rematch, Nate took on arguably his greatest rival, Apeirogone, Matthews’ draw with Ape the only tie on The Infinity Ace’s record, but Ape wouldn’t let history repeat itself, putting away Nate after a stellar encounter. Continuing on with potential Match of the Year Contenders, we saw Travis Crowley defend his Television Championship against Nate Matthews at Homecoming, Nate looking for revenge after Crowley led an assault on him in his retirement segment, but Matthews wouldn’t avenge that beatdown, Travis retaining in their No Disqualifications Match. Nate would return to the Heyman Classic on Firestorm XLVII, defeating Fruit Gambino, however, he would fall short the following episode in a BTE rematch versus Inferno, Nate getting eliminated from the tourney in the process. On Firestorm XLIX, Nate was beaten by Jr Division prodigy James Scott, but he managed to best Brother Khusu earlier on in the night, Matthews aiming to reach 50 career matches by BTE II. Carter Nelson was murdered by Matthews at Lights Out, and Nate would face off with Inferno for the third time ever, unfortunately losing at the hands of The Aether Ace. But a win over Damien Blade would boost his momentum going into BTE II, winning the Television Title in Ultimate X against Conor Cassidy and Isankahlu, ready to run FBE alongside his best buddy Atlas, claiming he will defend the TV belt weekly until he loses it. I pity Matthews, so he takes the #8 spot.
7 – Thaddeus Hemmingway: 9 – 0 – 4 69% 13 matches +4
In my opinion, the only other worthy fucker not in The Celestial Unknown goes by the name of Thaddeus Hemmingway, and he proved that by winning the entire Gedo Classic, beating Simon Immortal in the Match of the Tourney in the first round, putting away John in the Semi’s, and then going onto vanquish The Master and Maxxx Cleavage at Pick Your Poison to become the inaugural Jr Heavyweight Champion! Unfortunately, Thad would suffer his first loss in Season 3, dropping the belt to Simon Brown at Firestorm XLII in an amazing sequel to their First Round Gedo Classic bout. He would go onto answer Travis Crowley’s Television Title Open Challenge, just losing out to the Deadstar, however, he wouldn’t be down for long, beating Brendan Burke Butler III at Warzone II. Thaddeus was announced as a participant in the Heyman Classic, the only former Junior to enter the tourney, and he was beaten by Capital STEEZ in the First Round, losing out to Inferno the next week on Firestorm XLV. But as we know, Hemmingway is not one to stay down for long, obliterating Alan Cavanagh at Ape’s Summer Break, proving himself a worthy challenger in FBE, and management saw that in Thad, giving him a deserved Intercontinental Title shot against Desmond Caid the next week, beating OWD to win his second Junior Title only weeks after losing his first! At Homecoming, he put away Soren Skarsgard, and at Firestorm XLVIII he beat Brother Khusu, defending his title against Soren again at Lights Out in a successful campaign. And to cap things off, Thaddeus ended BTE with a 2 – 0 record at the show, beating James Scott (after Scott suffered a nasty injury) and Conor Cassidy in consecutive bouts, retaining his IC Title twice, and setting the standard high for the second half of FBE’s calendar year, a statement to the rest of the Heavyweight Division.
6 – Inferno: 11 – 0 – 6 65% 17 matches +5
Inferno had just made his return as an active competitor on the roster, and his second match back was inside Wargames, a prestigious bout that saw British Ambition put away REVOLT, and Inferno defeated EED on the go-home episode of Firestorm before Pick Your Poison II, unsuccessfully challenging Desmond Caid to an Intercontinental Triple Threat that also included Conor Cassidy. At Firestorm XLIII, ahead of his scheduled TV Title match with Travis Crowley at Warzone, Inferno and Steez both pinned Receiver at the same time in their Guerrilla Warfare Qualifier Triple Threat, meaning that both men entered the prestigious bout, however, Inferno would be pulling double duty. Earlier on in the night, Inferno faced off with Travis Crowley for the first time in both of their careers, losing out to the TV Champion, but his night wasn’t over, surviving to the final 3 in the Guerrilla Warfare match before being eliminated, unable to replicate his Runner Up standing the previous year. Inferno left Warzone 0 – 2, but he would go onto enter the Heyman Classic, losing to Fruit Gambino in the First Round, before defeating Thaddeus Hemmingway, Receiver, BTE I Main Event opponent Nate Matthews, and Capital STEEZ, only just losing out to potentially his biggest rival, Desmond Caid, in the main event of Lights Out. Along the way, Inferno also competed in some non-Heyman Classic matchups, beating ‘The Fire Demon’ at Ape’s Summer Break, Damien Blade on Firestorm XLVI, Conor Cassidy at Homecoming, and Nate Matthews at Firestorm 50, winning all those matches mentioned, and he finished off his Season 3 run with a company-defining match against the retiring Apeirogone, Inferno being the only man to ever pin Ape, ever. Inferno may have lost, but it was an amazing bout that regardless of the result, is worthy of Match of the Year.
5 – Travis Crowley: 9 – 0 – 1 90% 10 matches -2
The Deadstar continued on from his legendary Season 2 run here, once again retaining his Television Title at Firestorm XXXVIII against a member of The Collective; this time, Brendan Burke Butler III was the unsuccessful challenger. Travis suffered his only loss on Firestorm 39, where, alongside Capital STEEZ and Jack Slash of REVOLT, he was vanquished by British Ambition inside of Wargames, a monumental matchup that saw two of FBE’s top factions go at it. Ferdinand Maxim failed to win the TV Title from Crowley at Firestorm XL, but unfortunately, at Pick Your Poison II, EED had to pull out of his and Travis’ match, Crowley not letting this affect him as he had to step in for his REVOLT stablemate Steez in the 3 Stages of Hell Tag Team Title Match that carried on from PYP on Firestorm XLI. Crowley and Slash retained the belts, and the TV Champ went on to beat Thaddeus Hemmingway in a banger of an Open Challenge, another retention under Crowley’s extensive regime. At Warzone II, we saw a dream match in the making when Inferno challenged Travis for the championship, but Crowley was able to decisively put away his adversary, going onto to also defeat Receiver at Ape’s Summer Break in just the latest dream match. Crowley didn’t stop there, teaming with Ape for the first time in his career, Highly Suspect managing to put away Receiver and I of The Celestial Unknown at Firestorm XLVI. And at Homecoming, we saw Travis defend his TV Title for the final time, beating Nate Matthews in their No Disqualification Match, before being forced to vacate the belt, an impressive string of title defences for The King of the Fall.
4 – Atlas Rogue: 5 – 1 – 6 46% 12 matches +1
Ah yes. The man that truly deserves to be #1 but honestly, I’m way too humble for that. You see, my Season 3 was pretty bloody spectacular, despite what my record says, so fuck you. Our journey starts at Firestorm XL, where I defeated BBB3, after being announced as the #1 Contender to the World Title. I capitalized on this opportunity, putting away Ethan Fadely in the main event of Pick Your Poison II, finally winning the World Title. Yay. Warzone was up next for the World Champ, and my first defence was in the Guerrilla Warfare Match, my challengers slowly getting revealed in Qualifying bouts held on Firestorm. The first two announced were Fruit Gambino and Ethan Fadely, two ghosts of my past, both of which I had beaten before (yeah fuck you), and a Triple Threat Match was made between the three of us for Firestorm, a Triple Threat which saw Ethan and I simultaneously pin Fruit. On the same night, Inferno and Steez both also drew in their respective Triple Threat, and at Warzone, Steez and I outlasted Inferno, Gambino, and Fadely, reaching the 60-Minute Time Limit as we continued to battle, yet I walked out still champion, unsurprisingly. My Heyman Classic run ended quickly, with my two of my greatest rivals (and greatest allies) taking me out in consecutive weeks, Desmond Caid and Nate Matthews both pinning me, and I went up against Inferno at Ape’s Summer Break, The Fire Demon losing out him. Following this, The Celestial Unknown went up against Highly Suspect on Firestorm 46, Apeirogone and Travis Crowley adding a win to their record after a fun tag team bout, and at Homecoming, I defended my World Title against Receiver, my long-time tag partner and friend, and we battled to a draw in the main event. My title reign came to a close at Lights Out, where Capital STEEZ bested me in the opener, ending the second-longest World Title reign ever at 92 days, and on the go-home show of BTE, I went to war with Ape in his final Firestorm appearance, being beaten by the retiring veteran at Firestorm 52. However, at BTE II, I brought my record to 1 – 1 at FBE’s biggest show of the year, retiring Fruit Gambino and simultaneously becoming Mr Booker in The Bank, a title only the members The Celestial Unknown have had, and I walked out of Season 3 with a record of 5 – 1 – 6.
3 – Apeirogone: 10 – 0 – 0 100% 10 matches +8
The Final Boss of Fantasy Booking announced he would be retiring at BTE II from in-ring action and from a managerial role, a shocking revelation that also kickstarted his legendary Retirement Tour, Ape wanting to tick off all his dream matches before he left for good. The first match on the list wasn’t a first-time-ever bout, but instead a rematch from exactly a year ago, as Ape battled Nate Matthews in a tiebreaker for their previous draw back at Summerfest. Apeirogone managed to walk out with the win over arguably one of his greatest rivals, however, he went from fighting one adversary to teaming with another, as Highly Suspect had their only tag team match ever, defeating myself and Receiver of The Celestial Unknown on Firestorm XLVI in a classic tag matchup. Ape then went from fighting one adversary to teaming with one adversary back to fighting another adversary as he faced Desmond Caid in the final instalment of their insane trilogy of instant classics. Desmond, unfortunately, was defeated, but these two stole the spotlight at Homecoming, but Ape wasn’t given any time to heal, going straight back into the tour, putting away Damien Blade, before getting two weeks off to rest, and also to prepare for his match with Receiver at Lights Out. In another action-packed matchup, Ape and ROD put on a spectacle to behold, Ape walking away undefeated in his Tour… so far. On Firestorm 50, Ape beat FBE World Champion Capital STEEZ by TKO in their dramatic and brutal as FUCK No Disqualification Match, and Ape also bested me in his Firestorm appearance just the next week. But then, at BTE II, in Ape’s final match, we go the rematch of the century: Inferno vs Apeirogone. Inferno is the only man to ever pin Ape, and Ape looked to redeem himself here, but after an emotional battle, Ape walked away the victor, a wonderful sendoff for a true superstar.
2 – Capital STEEZ: 9 – 0 – 5 64% 14 matches +4
One of the true workhorses in FBE, Steez had the 3rd most matches in Season 3, the majority of those matches resulting in a victory for him, and he proved that on Firestorm XXXVIII when he defeated Damien Blade, competing in Wargames the following week in a losing effort against British Ambition alongside his REVOLT brethren. At Pick Your Poison II, Tag Team Champion Steez went to war in a 3 Stages of Hell Match with Jaxon Storm versus The Collective, however, in the middle of the second fall, Steez was injured after crashing down hard from the top rope, leading to the match being postponed to the next episode of Firestorm, Steez unable to finish the match. However, he made a swift recovery, returning in a Guerrilla Warfare Qualifier Match against Receiver and Inferno, where he and the latter simultaneously pinned Receiver, both men securing their spot in the Warzone Main Event. And in that Main Event, Steez lasted to the final two, squaring off with yours truly as we had an absolute cracker of a fight, ending in both of us reaching the 60-Minute Time Limit. Following this, Steez was announced as one of the 8 competitors in the Heyman Classic, and he started off his tourney campaign right with a win over Thaddeus Hemmingway, his two lives still intact, and he continued that streak, defeating Fruit Gambino the next week. At Ape’s Summer Break, we got Rock vs Rap as Steez battled Corey Gowens in a dream matchup which saw Steez walk away the winner but up next was his momentum bout with Brother Hanzo at Homecoming. Atlas sighs. At Firestorm XLVII, Steez battled his greatest rival in the HC Winner’s Finals, going head to head with Desmond Caid in an epic Firestorm Main Event, which saw Desmond pick up the win, Steez suffering his first loss in the tournament, and on Firestorm 49, Steez had a fantastic dream clash with Inferno, the latter going onto face Caid in the Finals at Lights Out, whereas Steez challenged yours truly for the World Title, Capital STEEZ claiming the gold for the first time in his career. As Steez moved to closer towards his BTE main event match with Caid, he fought Apeirogone on Firestorm 50 in a No Disqualification Match, losing via TKO after Ape’s relentless assault caused for the ref’s to prematurely end the match, and it seemingly cost him, Steez losing the World Title to Caid at BTE in a Match of the Year Contender, Capital STEEZ having a career-defining run in Season 3. And speaking of Desmond…
1 – Desmond Caid: 10 – 0 – 3 77% 13 matches +3
3rd World Title Win. BTE Main Event. Intercontinental Champion. Heyman Classic Winner. Only 3 losses. Desmond Caid has truly earned #1. But we’ll get into all that later, right now, let’s talk about his first match in Season 3: WARGAMES! Desmond, alongside his British Ambition brothers, vanquished REVOLT in the historic faction warfare match, however, he would go onto battle one of his BA stablemates at Pick Your Poison, as he successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship versus Inferno and Conor Cassidy in a hot opener for the show. However, after a brutal 3-Way Dance, Desmond competed that Firestorm too, his wounds seemingly not fully healed as he lost to Fruit Gambino and Brendan Burke Butler 3 in another Triple Threat, bouncing back by retaining his championship against Jack Slash at Warzone II in classic Desmond fashion. Caid would be inserted into the Heyman Classic, and naturally, he went undefeated, besting both of his Celestial Unknown stablemates along the way, as well as battling Capital STEEZ in their 4th encounter, but those wouldn’t be the only matches Caid would have over the course of BTE Season, as he went to war with Ethan Fadely at Ape’s Summer Break, beating the man who could’ve been the #1 Contender to his World Title last year, but he would also suffer some losses, dropping his Intercontinental Title to Thaddeus Hemmingway on the Firestorm before Homecoming, the same PPV where he was beaten by Ape in the final instalment of their company-defining trilogy. And then, at Lights Out, we got the insane clash of Inferno vs Caid, arguably one of Desmond’s greatest rivals, in the finals of the Heyman Classic, and after Steez won the World Championship earlier in the night, Caid punched his ticket to the BTE Main Event by defeating Inferno, securing a match with the champ for the show. Before BTE II though, on Firestorm 52, he beat Soren Skarsgard, one of the many legends that had crossed Caid’s path in his ascension from FBNXT rookie to FBE Ace, and he defined that title by winning his 3rd World Heavyweight Title in the main event of BTE II, a defining moment in FBE’s history. Caid left with a record of 10 – 3, once again proving why he is #1.

So, here are the final WDL Records, Win Percentages, Rankings and match counts for Season 3 [in order of WP]:
Apeirogone: 10 – 0 – 0 WP = 100% 10 matches #3
Travis Crowley: 9 – 0 – 1 WP = 90% 10 matches #5
Desmond Caid: 10 – 0 – 3 WP = 77% 13 matches #1
James Scott: 5 – 0 – 2 WP = 71% 7 matches #9
Thaddeus Hemmingway: 9 – 0 – 4 WP = 69% 13 matches #7
Inferno: 11 – 0 – 6 WP = 65% 17 matches #6
Capital STEEZ: 9 – 0 – 5 WP = 64% 14 matches #2
Jason Beggs: 7 – 0 – 5 WP = 58% 12 matches
Maxxx Cleavage: 5 – 0 – 4 WP = 56% 9 matches #10
Nate Matthews: 8 – 0 – 7 WP = 53% 15 matches #8
Jay Lynwood/Brother Khusu: 4 – 0 – 4 WP = 50% 8 matches
Atlas Rogue: 5 – 1 – 6 WP = 46% 12 matches #4
The Master: 3 – 0 – 4 WP = 43% 7 matches
Jaeger Karpov: 3 – 0 – 4 WP = 43% 7 matches
Ethan Fadely: 2 – 0 – 3 WP = 40% 5 matches
Damien Blade: 6 – 0 – 9 WP = 40% 15 matches
Joey Joey Siwa: 3 – 0 – 6 WP = 33% 9 matches
Brendan Burke Butler III: 3 – 0 – 6 WP = 33% 9 matches
Jack Slash/Isankahlu: 2 – 0 – 5 WP = 29% 7 matches
Fruit Gambino: 2 – 0 – 5 WP = 29% 7 matches
Receiver of Deception: 1 – 1 – 6 WP = 19% 8 matches
Finn Thomas: 1 – 0 – 9 WP = 10% 10 matches
Conor Cassidy: 0 – 0 – 4 WP = 0% 4 matches

"And now, it’s time to reveal the newest member to the greatest faction to ever step foot in FBE. When this guy debuted just after Unbreakable, he shot off like a rocket, gaining victory after victory, his PPV record impressive, and he finished his debut run with a brutal win at BTE II. He showed off his incredible talent and undeniable prowess when he faced off with one of FBE’s best for the TV Title, and he secured the #10 spot in the Power Rankings just earlier. That’s right, please welcome the fourth member of The Celestial Unknown, The Hero, Maxxx Cleavage."
Entering the studio is none other than The Hero himself, wearing a Celestial Unknown armband, his allegiance to the group confirmed. He fist bumps Atlas before sitting sown adjacent to Rogue in a chair at a new desk, the camera panning out to reveal the table had been there all along, and Atlas starts off the interview, Maxxx kicking his feet up.

Atlas: How does it feel being the newest member of the greatest faction in FBE?
Maxxx: It’s a privilege to be in the same faction as some of the greats. I’m among the likes of the World Heavyweight Champion and the winners of the Punish and Crush tournament.
Atlas: What was your brutal I Quit Match like? Surely that shit can get destructive physically and mentally.
Maxxx: I’ve never had a more brutal match, I did what had to be done to win, and to those who don’t like it, you’re just gonna need to deal with it.
Atlas: How was the transition from the Jr Division to the Heavyweight?
Maxxx: It was a kick in the pants to step up my game. Once I was in the Heavyweight Division, I started doing the work of my career, and if I hadn’t transitioned, you would be looking at the Junior Heavyweight Champion.
Atlas: You came extremely close to beating Nate Matthews on Firestorm 52, what was it like facing one of FBE’s pillars?
Maxxx: As much as I’d like to say I respect Nate Matthews, I don’t have as much respect for him as I could. He runs the company AND holds a title. The ref clearly fast counted at the end, and I bet Matthews had something to do with that.
Atlas: You got any opponents or championships in mind that you want to pursue?
Maxxx: I would love to capture the Intercontinental title, but the jackass champion has already denied me a match, probably because he’s scared of what I’d do. The Television Title is also something I’m keeping my eye on, if there’s anyone that can beat Matthews, it’s Maxxx Cleavage.
Atlas: Who has been your favourite opponent you’ve faced in your debut run?
Maxxx: My trilogy with Damien Blade was fantastic, I really couldn’t decide if I like the MMA match or the I Quit match better.
Atlas: The floor is yours, with the eyes of the FBE Roster upon you, what’s on your mind?
Maxxx: I’ve been the talk of the town it seems, Matthews handpicked me to be his opponent for the Television Title, some jabroni tried to call me out, and now I’m part of the greatest faction in wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen, “The Hero” Maxxx Cleavage just became more dangerous than ever.
Atlas: And that concludes our interview here! Thanks to Maxxx for joining me tonight, The Celestial Unknown has only gotten better.
Maxxx thanks Atlas he exits the room, the camera zooming back in as the second desk disappears off camera. Rogue reaches into the desk drawer and pulls out a Corona Extra (not that Corona), before removing the lid with his teeth and taking a sip, holding the bottle in his mouth as he swirled it around, creating a vortex inside, and he drained the bottle in a few seconds, the bottle empty as he chucks it across the room.
Fadely taught me that one.
Atlas winks as he reaches under the desk, a 6 pack of the bottles on the desk now as he chugs them one by one, the camera starting to fade and blur in sync with Atlas’ drunken vision as we reach an ad break.
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2020.10.11 12:49 great_bowser Season 2 critique

Hi, so I'm not sure what the general opinion is, but after letting it all sink, I'm quite disappointed in the second season. I suppose I mostly just want to vent, but also hear your opinions or be corrected if my critiques come from ignorance or not paying attention. So here goes.
  1. We're back where we started
It's the worst sin a season of a series can do, pretty much make it feel like everything we watched amounted to nothing. Other than the new villain tease, we're back where we were at the start of the first season. Sure, Boys are pardoned, but it's not like HomelandeVought care about morals or laws. Starlight got reinstated without question despite removing her chip? A-Train's heart problem just disappeared? The whole season ended up feeling like a single villain-of-the-week story from a generic superhero show/movie. And on that topic
  1. Stormfront is a cartoon supervillain
She ends up becoming the most generic cartoon supervillain, 'evil nazi who wants to create a race of ubermensch', is this really what we wanted from 'The Boys'? That's not a subversion of the superhero trope, it's the most cookie-cutter comicbook cliche ever.
Where did she get the resources to run a whole human testing facility? We never find out. What was she like before, in the 50s or 60s? It's dropped as quickly as it is brought up. Her ties to the Nazi party and her past alter-ego are never expanded upon. Why was she hired in the first place? I assumed she was already popular in the social media, so they got her for the good PR. But it turns out Edgar knew who she was, so instead of hiring her he could've just gotten the files and gotten rid of her himself?
And in the end what did she add to the story? Her only ultimate purpose was to show us that Ryan is stronger than Homelander. Did we really need a whole season for that? Season 1 was fine introducing expendable superheroes and getting them killed, surely we could've resolved her subplot in like two episodes.
And what's up with Homelander anyway? It would've made him a much more multidimensional character if he himself decided to turn against her after finding out she's a nazi. We could either learn how manipulative and vindictive he really is or we could find out he does actually have some principles and still wants to do good sometimes. But nope, let's just emasculate him completely, because why not. And that brings us to
  1. The Boys do nothing cool
Remember how cool it was when they were supposed to research heroes and come up with unique ways to kill them? Yeah, none of that here, at least not from them. Stormfront gets one kill by breaking the guy's hands, because she just knows he needs them for telekinesis. Maeve gets another smart 'kill' by feeding nuts to Noire - couldn't the Boys learn about that and do it themselves? Build a nut-gun, or coat a knife with peanut butter? How neat would that be! The one time they actually prepare something clever to take on Stormfront - nope, let's just just have a bash-the-fash scene that literally serves no purpose, since she's not even weakened. Yeah, it tells us how strong she is, but wasn't that already the whole point if the 'laser my tits' scene, to establish how invincible she is? Hell, they could've at least let them try one of those rockets first just to satisfy our curiosity.
  1. The deaths mean nothing
It's a smaller gripe, but it's still here. The head explosion of the CIA lady at the beginning felt like it'd change everything. In the end it didn't, they just removed a redundant character and plot-wise she was replaced by another CIA lady. The head explosions at the hearing just felt like a 'gotcha' moment from the show creators more than anything. And hell, they better have a good explanation for Neuman's actions, because they really make no sense if she's Vought's controlled opposition.
  1. 'Call the news' is OP
For a show that tries to be grounded in reality, that really feels like a dumb and dated trope, and I don't think I even need to explain it. And worst of all, it is the thing that in the end defeats Vought, if you can call returning to status quo a 'defeat'. I honestly wouldn't mind it if it was a longer process and a bigger part of the story - secret meetings with journalists, confirming that the photos are real etc. They try to get away with it by Stormfront just spouting cringy buzzwords at the end, calling the photos 'deepfakes' - and yeah, she's completely right, why don't they question the legitimacy of the documents in any way? You'd think Vought would try to scrub all such information from the face of the earth, especially that we know Edgar knew.
Don't get me wrong, there's a lot that this season did right, and I did have fun watching it. But overall, as a second act of a larger story, it just didn't work at all. I'm probably completely wrong, but it seems to me like the head explosion scenes and the ending were replaceable with something else in case the show didn't get renewed. Because think about it, meeting and killing the CIA lady accomplished nothing, she could be killed by anyone else or could've just refused. The hearing almost didn't happen anyway, and it was a single scene with Butcher that lead up to it. And the ending could be changed with no repercussions.
Anyway, thanks for reading if you did at least skim through. I'd be really happy if someone managed to change my mind and correct me. I want to like the show, but it starts to feel like instead of giving us a good story, they intend to stretch it and milk it for as long as possible before cancelling it and not resolving anything.
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2020.10.10 16:15 clueso87 The events of the last 3 Episodes of Season 2 felt rushed

The first 5 Episodes of Season 2 were great and the pacing was good as well, but I felt that in the last 3 Episodes a lot of things that happened felt rushed or came out of nowhere.
This whole Season could have been at least 12 Episodes or maybe even two whole Seasons. Let me explain by giving a few examples of what I mean:

The planning of the Congress Hearing and the Hearing itself all happened in one single Episode with barely any build up
The Boys, the CIA Lady and Victoria Newman (the congresswoman) setting up a Congress Hearing to expose Vought with Lamplighters testifying against them.
After that fails because Lamplighter kills himself, Butcher convinces Homelanders "Father" Johna Vogelbaum to go to the Congress Hearing to expose Vought, and then everyones heads blows off during the hearing.
All of that happened within one single Episode. It didn't had much build up. This should have happend over 3 Episodes at least, so when the plan to expose Vought failed, it would have felt much more impactful imo.

Lamplighter killing himself out of nowhere.
Sure, he was depressed and full of self judgement, but it just came out of nowhere that he goes into the Vought Tower, apparently to help Hughie to rescue Starlight, but then he just sets himself on fire. That was really surprising. His story arch ended too abruptly and I would have loved to see more of him.

Homelander & Stormfront convincing Ryan to go with them
This is more of a minor thing, but I still noticed it.
When Homelander showing Ryan that he lives in a Truman-Show-like residence that is surrounded by a wall and shielded from the outside world, I thought they should have had a scene where Homelander is taking Ryan up into the sky and showing him what is going on, and Ryan reaction to that by arguing with his mother for a while (or that Homelander even had more of a argument with Becca) until he makes the decision to go with Homelander.
Instead of that, there was just a scene that took less than a minute where Ryan yells at Becca and then flies ways with Homelander and Stormfront.

Maeve coming out of nowhere to help beat up Stromfront
When Maeve came to help to beat up Stormfront, she came out of nowhere, without an explanation for why she suddenly decided to help Starlight. The last time we saw her before that, she was telling Starlight and Hughie to fuck off and leave her alone. But what changed her mind? A talk with her girlfriend? Stress with Vought that pissed her off? And how did she know they where exactly there where she showed up? Nothing like that was shown. She just appeared with no other context given.

Alastair Adana being killed
Man, the Leader of the Church having he could have been a great returning character in the next season (or seasons?), instead he is just having his head blow off, which kinda felt to happen prematurely imo.

Eagle the Archer
Eagle the Archer just being declared a "toxic personality" by the leader of the church without any build up or reappearance of the character after the first few episodes or anything that showed what made him change his mind about the church. At least a few scenes could have been there.

Becca escaping from the Vought Residence.
This also could have gotten much more time, with her contemplating about what to do, then making preparations to escape and then the escape itself, instead of a brief scene with several jumpcuts.

Stormfront dealing with the aftermath of being exposed as a Nazi
I was kinda wanting to see her dealing with this aftermath for maybe 20 minutes where she tries to explain to the press that the images are fake, and then loosing her temper when a crowd of her fans turns against her and then killing the enraged crowd like Homelander lasering the protesters in his fantasy. That would have been amazing foreshadowing. Then, when she realized that her plan was done for, she could have wanted to take out her frustration on the Boys.

Overall, I still liked this season, although it imo could have been better if if the events would have taken place over more Episodes.
submitted by clueso87 to TheBoys [link] [comments]

2020.10.09 21:27 earthcontrol earthcontrol’s The Owl House Fanfic Masterlist — The Ultimate TOH Fic Rec

u/earthcontrol’s The Owl House Fanfic Masterlist

Thank you to u/pk2317 for allowing me to share this list on the TheOwlHouse wiki.

Introduction: How to Use This List

Okay friends, I’ve read over 300 TOH fics at this point, and I’ve compiled some of the best into a single post for you to peruse. Fics are sorted into categories, with some being further sorted into subcategories, then listed roughly by increasing length. Categories and subcategories are based on common themes or vibes that I’ve noticed are popular in the TOH fanfic sphere. There’s a lot of variation within each category, so if you’re looking for something specific feel free to message me.
Multichapter fics are linked to their first chapter. Fic series are linked to the first chapter of the first fic in the series, whose title may differ from the series title I’ve given.
I’ve written brief descriptions for each fic, and included their completion status and rating. Note that each individual fic in a series has its own rating — I’ve given each series the most restrictive rating it contains. No fics on this list are rated Explicit. That being said, some fics on this list may deal with topics and themes that some readers may wish to avoid, such as child abuse or homophobia. Be sure to check the tags of any fic before reading.
Bolded author’s names indicate an author who has multiple TOH works on their profile — check out their other stuff, too! Descriptions within quotation marks are lifted from the author’s own summary, or directly from the fic itself.
As a note, almost all TOH fics contain Lumity to some degree, so don’t just look in the “General Lumity” category if that’s what you’re after — you’ll miss some of the best Lumity fics!
Fics marked with an “EC” are the ones I most highly recommend. This may be due to unusually high writing quality, production quality (ie. Addition of art and/or music), historical importance to the TOH fandom, or just because they’re a personal favorite. That being said, every fic on this list is well-written and worth a read — I wouldn’t rec them otherwise.
Fics marked with a “New” were added to the list in the most recent update.

Categories (and subcategories)

General Lumity Fics

What it says on the tin. Mostly good feels or, at darkest, hurt/comfort.
Dancing On Our Own by Syntin: Oneshot, 1205 words, rated G. Written pre-Season1B, with that early Lumity charm. Luz and Amity read Azura together in Amity’s hideout. Gay banter ensues.
This Hurt That I’m Holdin’ (Is Getting Heavy) by argle-bargle: Oneshot, 1296 words, rated T. “It's hard not to notice the change in Luz's behavior when Lilith begins living with them.” Luz has trauma and her friends are worried.
you’ve got those big brown eyes by mira_blue: Oneshot, 1427 words, rated G. “Amity hates the colour brown, until she doesn't.” In which Amity slowly learns not to hate what makes her different from the rest of the Blights.
conscious yet dreaming by dippindots: Oneshot, 1911 words, rated G. Amity wakes up beside Luz after a sleepover and overdoses on ‘girl pretty.’ 100% Lumity fluff, guaranteed to induce tooth rot.
you give me that love, real love by rikubraveheart: Oneshot, 2056 words, rated G. The most kudos'd TOH oneshot on AO3, “in which Luz finds Amity's old Grudgby jacket and Amity swears this crush will be the death of her.” Now with a sequel, you light up my life even when it’s dark
EC Plucking at Strings by whitebeltwriter: Oneshot, 2578 words, rated G. My personal favorite TOH oneshot. Amity happens upon Luz playing guitar and catches feelings.
days of you and me by binto: Oneshot, 2492 words, rated G. "Luz serenades Amity with a human song and realizes just how much she loves this realm." Another Guitar!Luz oneshot, but with Luz catching feelings this time.
Comforting Touch by TheFoolsYouSee: Oneshot, 3052 words, rated G. “Amity has a tough day and just needs someone to hold her.” Hurt/comfort, with a surprisingly deep dive into Amity’s character in such a short fic.
New You Make Me Nervous by amityadmirer: Oneshot, 3596 words, rated T. Luz meets Amity at the library for help with her homework. She finds herself…distracted.
New i've shattered now, i'm spilling out (upon this linoleum ground) by honeymead: Oneshot, 3652 words rated G. When a bold choice causes tensions to boil over at Blight Manor, Amity flees to the only place where she feels safe. Blight family angst and high concentrations of hurt/comfort.
Academic Understandings by Snowblossom: Oneshot, 4426 words, rated G. “Luz and Amity hang out in the hidden room in the library, and Luz has a few realizations.” Or, Amity lets her hair down and Luz’s bisexuality activates. 100% cozy fluff.
Connect by piggy09: Oneshot, 4588 words, rated G. Luz invites Amity over for a sleepover binge-watch of the Azura anime adaptation. Amity is losing her gay li’l mind. Feelings run wild. This fic is a ride.
Kindling by community_gardens: Two-shot, 4683 words, rated G. "The events of Young Blood Old Souls finally catch up with Luz, but luckily she has people there that care about her. Sometimes, though, she just needs a bit of a reminder. It turns out Amity is more than willing to help her remember."
Words of Power by Biting Words: Twoshot, 7649 words, rated T. Soulmate-soulmark AU. A classic fanfic trope, now with Lumity! “Luz had been born with words on the inside of her wrist, and that was all she could really say about that. Birthmarks were normal, of course, and her mother had several so there was no surprise she’d end up with some as well, but words? Actual text? That was weird.”
If Not Now by bazaar: Multichapter, complete, 8669 words, rated G. “She’s going to tell Luz how she feels. Just not now. (Amity struggles to find the right words. Turns out, they might not be in her language.)” Featuring Spanish lessens and Amity’s near-permanent gay calamity.
New we got a hundred lists of things we wanna do (but i'm also cool just doing nothing with you) by honeymead: Multichapter, complete, 9285 words, rated G. “[A] small collection of shorts about love language, as told from the two who speak it and others who notice it.” Luz and Amity, and their tenderness in the little moments.
Profoundly Yours by buttrice: Multichapter, ongoing, 14 927 words, rated T. “Amity receives a mysterious love letter in her locker as she's still trying to figure out her own feelings for the human girl. Luz, on the other hand, is just confused.”
12 ways to say I love you by Glowcloudwasright: Multichapter, complete, 25 938 words, rated T. “12 stories revolving around Luz and Amity based on different ways to say I love you without actually saying it.” Disparate moments woven together into something oh so tender.
EC symbiosis by uselesscreature: Multichapter, ongoing, 31 737 words, rated T. "An experiment gone wrong causes Luz and Amity to feel and share each other’s pain, but pain isn’t just physical…" In which two gay witches can feel each other’s emotional pain — and maybe help heal it, too. The tenderness here, I swear to god.

NEW Subgenre: Animatics

Reading is for nerds; watch an animatic instead! You’d be surprised how much of a narrative one can stuff into a few panels with a song slapped on top. Are these technically fanfics? No, but I’m putting them here anyway, and no one can stop me.
Warning: may contain flashing images.
Ready Now - Owl House / Lumity AMV by Cameron Collar: Animatic, 0m44s. “You saw through me, all this time, I’d forgotten, people are kind…” This animatic is criminally underrated. It basically summarizes Lumity’s emotional core in like 30 seconds, and does so with adorable animation. Legally, you are not permitted to watch the other recommended animatics until you’ve watched this one.
She - The Owl House Animatic by jazzmatazz: Animatic, 1m27s. Amity wonders if she she’s allowed to feel the way she does about Luz. Melancholy but gentle.
Sorry Haha I Fell Asleep- a Lumity Animatic by Cotton Candy Sprite: Animatic, 2m38s. Amity struggles with self-loathing, thinking she’s not good enough for Luz.
DESPAIR - Lumity Animatic -TOH- by ArtisticWolf32: Animatic, 2m53s. Amity being gay and exasperated for almost three minutes. Featuring smooth animation and cute expressions.
Someone You Like - Lumity Animatic (The Owl House) by Lafirechicken Art: Animatic, 3m17s. A cute overview of Luz and Amity’s first few “friendlier” interactions. Simple, sweet, and oh so tender. It’s about that handholding.
New Give me your attention // Lumity Animatic The owl house by Danaconunaene: Animatic, 3m18s. A recounting of Season 1’s Lumity moments from Amity’s perspective…and then a little more. Absolutely stunning animation.
EC Little Miss Perfect (TOH Animatic) (Song Written By Joriah Kwame & Sung By Taylor Louderman) by ThatOneDorkThatDraws: Animatic, 3m29s. STRAIGHT HAIR, STRAIGHT A’S STRAIGHT FORW– anyway. You’ve all already seen this masterpiece, but how can I put animatics on my rec list and not include the most legendary one of all?
Fallin' for You Lumity Animatic (TOH) by Misted Pearl: Animatic, 3m30s. Amity struggles to contain her feelings for Luz. Featuring a showcase of Amity’s personal development and the many relationships she has with other characters. Insanely cute. Probably my favourite TOH animatic.
ORDINARY Lumity Animatic (TOH) by dulceadraws: Animatic, 3m47s. The spiritual successor to the ‘Little Miss Perfect’ animatic. Featuring the song Joriah Kwame wrote based on Luz Noceda.

Subgenre: Dance Dance Revolution

These Lumity fics feature Amity and Luz romancing each other at Groms, proms, masquerades, and other fancy dancy social events. Lots of classical romance and stylish dress.
homecoming by mira_blue: Oneshot, 1191 words, rated G. “At the end of Grom Night, Luz asks Amity for a real dance, and Amity can't say no.”
dancing cheek to cheek by godblesscicero: Oneshot, 3911 words, rated G. “Amity gets teased, Luz is completely oblivious, and overall Grom isn't as bad as forecasted.” Mutual obliviousness and post-Grom fight celebration. Now with a sequel: so if you feel like I feel
You’re My Hecate by AtivanAvian420: Oneshot, 6740 words, rated G. Literally 6000+ words of Luz and Amity talking and slow dancing under the moon, as Amity slowly falls asleep on Luz’s shoulder. Premium sapphic syrup.
EC As The Jademoon Glows by DeeTheTeaDrinkingDragon: Multichapter, complete, 30 999 words, rated G. Luz and Amity prepare for the Jademoon Ball, featuring gratuitous Lumity fluff. This one is accompanied by art drawn by Raspbi. Yes that Raspbi. It's super cute.
EC Moonlit Masquerade by Rohad: Series, ongoing, 126 230 words, rated T. The Blight family is holding an enchanted masquerade, and Luz seizes the chance to romance her crush. Meanwhile, Amity is charmed by a secret admirer. Lots of flowers-and-chocolate style classic romance in Part 1; this series evolves far beyond the confines of this subgenre in following instalments.

Subgenre: Modern/Human AUs

High schools, coffee shops and not a flicker of magic in sight…except for that gay sh*t.
warm coffee, summer blues by uniqueusernamegenerator: Multichapter, complete, 7350 words, rated T. This is the quintessential Coffee Shop AU fic for this fandom. Read this if you want that classic vibe.
EC The Good Witch by coffee666: Multichapter, complete, 23 807 words, rated T. Luz Noceda, highschool freshman, is the creator of ‘The Good Witch Azura’ webcomic. She finds out that her rival is a fan. This is one of the earliest major Lumity fics on AO3, and was at one point the most kudos’d TOH fic. Personally, I consider it a bit of a milestone for the fandom's maturation into a full-fledged, content-producing fandom.

Subgenre: Willow Park, Ultimate Wingwitch

Lumity fics that also include Willow and Amity interactions. May have some of that angst.
Been Awhile Since I've Seen You Like This by Smokestarrules: Oneshot, 2846 words, rated T. Willow finds the note.
I Believe in Second Chances (And That's Why I Believe In You) by AroWillowIsCanon: Oneshot, 4294 words, rated G. "It's Amity's first sleepover with Luz and Co, and while she's nervous about spending the night with Luz, she's more worried that the others don't want her there. When Luz and Gus go on an impromptu snack run, Amity and Willow are left alone. Messy feelings ensue."

One Million Milfs

This category includes found family fics involving Luz & Eda and/or Amity & Lilith, as well as fics dealing with the relationship between Luz & Camila, and between Eda & Lilith.
It’s been a long day without you, my friend by mandaree1: Oneshot, 1039 words, rated G. “Lilith begins to realize that her sister does, indeed, have actual living friends.”
Gratuitous Embellishments of Chicken Noodle Soup by Rulerofthecosmosandsnails: Oneshot, 2468 words, rated G. Luz is sick, Eda is mom.
EC We're Family Now by pikablob: Oneshot, 3536 words, rated T. “When Luz's mother refuses to accept her for who she is, Eda and King become the family she desperately needs.” Notable for being one of the first dozen TOH fics on AO3.
Bruises by pikablob: Oneshot, 3565 words, rated T. “When she discovers the abuse Amity's suffering at home, Lilith steps in to give her apprentice the loving household she deserves.” Another milestone fic from pikablob, one of the first to apply the found family dynamic to Amity and Lilith.
My Little Sparrow by nynixsme: Series, ongoing, 7180 words, rated G. In which Eda finds a young Amity out in the woods, fleeing from home, and takes her in. Featuring Eda & Amity as adoptive family.
A Line Crossed by by Clevinger: Multichapter, complete, 12 240 words, rated M. Lilith kills Luz on the bridge. Eda reacts as expected. Heavy angst.
New Magic Tropes by visionaryScribe: Multichapter, ongoing, 19 773 words, rated T. Canon-divergent AU in which Luz was born with a sixth sense for magic. Also, magically officiated adoption is a thing. Powerful Mama Eda energy.
All The Moments That Made You Mine by sweetreverie: Series, ongoing, 45 989 words, rated G. “Lilith met Amity a few years before Luz's arrival in the Boiling Isles. Through stories the two share the journey of their bond; from the first moment to the present day. Working against harsh families, reuniting sisters, and all the ways they became a family.”
New make my heart your home by tiredandjaded: Series, ongoing, 28 782 words, rated G. “A slip of the tongue and an honest misunderstanding lead to Eda and Luz coming to terms with how much they care for one another. A witch, a human, and a demon might not be the most conventional of families, but they make it work.” If you want to overdose on ‘Mama Eda’ then this fic is for you.
EC Little light by levi2207: Multichapter, ongoing, 59 103 words, rated M. For years, Emperor Belos has been plagued by visions and emotions that are not his own. For years, Luz has caught glimpses of a world filled with magic and monsters. Luz finally enters the Demon Realm; their fates draw ever closer. Featuring Galaxy Brain plot twists and worldbuilding.
EC Lunar Eclipse AU by Evilsnotbag: Series, ongoing, 161 713 words, rated T. Lilith and Eda both walk the path of adoptive parenthood, their children pulling the two sisters inexorably back into each other’s lives. Featuring the slowest of slowburn Lumity. This is probably the most well-constructed TOH fic in existence — it has incredible writing and characterization, accompanying art and animation, and guest voice appearances by Lilith's actual VA (I've literally never seen crew involvement in a fanfic before). However, the author began this fic as a menstruation and fibromyalgia vent fic, and deals with these two topics quite frequently. I wouldn't call it inappropriate, but it is very frank and may be uncomfortable for some readers — though I would recommend powering through any discomfort because you will not find a fic of this caliber so easily.

Subgenre: Camileda

Fics in which Camila is introduced to the Boiling Isles, one way or another. Also featuring based ship Camileda.
Home by Notquiteright: Multichapter, complete, 17 615 words, rated G. Summer ends. Eda and King try to convince Camila that Luz has been offered a scholarship for a totally real not-magic school for gifted kids — while doing nothing to conceal the fact that they’re, respectively, a magical elf and a talking skull-dog-thing.
Camileda AU by Queen_Martia: Series, ongoing, 24 557 words, rated T. An episode-by-episode rewrite, in which Camila follows Luz through the portal. Featuring mother-daughter bonding and two milfs in love. Note: Part 7 contains heavy subject matter pertaining to grief — check the tags.
Where The Heart Is by cato_universe: Multichapter, ongoing, 26 146 words, rated G. Luz, Eda, and King enact a harebrained scheme to acclimate Camila to Luz’s new life, with Eda posing as Luz’s camp councillor. Feelings get real messy, real fast. And by messy, I mean gay. Camileda and witches in the human realm.

Subgenre: Portal Machine Broke

These fics focus on the consequences of Luz destroying her only way home. They also often feature Camila’s perspective. Oof. Lots of angst and hurt/comfort in these ones.
Calls at Midnight by multifandomensional: Twoshot, 2398 words, rated G. Post-AOAW. “Camila just wanted to hear from her daughter. She didn’t expect to hear what she does over the accidentally answered phone call.” This one’s technically pre-portal destruction, but still fits thematically into this subcategory.
The Light Behind Your Eyes by ABirdInFlight: Oneshot, 2971 words, rated G. "After escaping from Emperor Belos and healing Eda, Eda, Luz, and Lilith begin to process what just happened. These mamas were not, in fact, ready for trauma." Featuring tense sibling relationships and a high dosage of Mama Eda.
I Waited Years, For You to Come Home by NotAWerewolf42: Multichapter, ongoing, 4230 words, rated T. Snapshots of Luz's and Camila's life over Luz's years in exile on the Boiling Isles.
A Call Today, A World Away by DontDoHeroinKids: Oneshot, 5358 words, rated T. It's the end of the Summer. Straining to avoid panic, Camila calls her daughter. Luz answers. Truths are revealed.
New And They Were Tentmates by amityadmirer: Multichapter, complete, 8841 words, rated T. “It had been a week since the great Emperor’s coven disaster, and Luz was as chipper as ever. Everyone was concerned.” Luz refuses to confront the trauma she’s been through. When she suggests a camping trip, her friends and family hope this will be their chance to help her process.
The Barriers Between by Goldishpotate: Series, ongoing, 10 937 words, rated T. A series of oneshots and short multichaptered fics following Luz and co. over the years, after Luz is left stranded in the Demon Realm. Each part is told from a different perspective...though personally I found Camila's the most heartbreaking.
Safe at Home by Polar534: Multichapter, ongoing, 48 031 words, rated G. Luz and co. deal with the immediate aftermath of the portal’s destruction, and the trauma they’ve all endured. Meanwhile, the Day of Unity approaches. Featuring mutually supportive Lumity and several metric tons of hurt/comfort.
Four Years AU by Drabbles_of_Writing: Series, ongoing, 50 526 words, rated G. A highly multilayered AU presenting the lives of Luz, Eda, Camila, Amity, and more over the years since the portal’s destruction. Angst and humor in equal measure.

Escape From Blight Manor

Fics where either a) Amity ends up on Earth, or b) Amity flees/gets kicked out of Blight Manor. Some of the best fics this fandom has produced are in this category.

Subgenre: Earth to Amity…or vice versa?

Among Us by Zenith: Multichapter, ongoing 13 668 words, not rated. “Luz knew her imagination tended to run away with her, but no doubt about, Amity was hiding something. An inhuman something.” There’s a new girl at Luz’s school, with pointy ears and too-bright eyes and too-sharp teeth.
A Witch Finds a True Way by free_the_muse: Multichapter, ongoing, 16 728 words, rated G. Much less angsty than other fics in this genre. Luz meets a strange girl at an Azura convention. Or, Amity keeps sneaking into the human realm to meet a new friend. A unique take on Luz and Amity’s relationship, but with all the good feels.
I Should Live in Salt by catthedoodlecatcher: Multichapter, complete, 33 111 words, rated G. Amity wakes up in the human realm and takes shelter in Luz's home. As they investigate the circumstances of Amity's displacement, a bond grows between them...
EC Locked Out by EleenaDume: Multichapter, ongoing, 39 738 words, rated G. "Summer has come to an end, which means Luz is forced to return from ‘summer camp’ and resume her regular life back at home with her mom. When she leaves, she promises she’ll be back soon. Unable to overcome her fear of telling Luz how she feels about her before she steps through the door, Amity finally finds the courage to do it when the door closes behind Luz and makes the rash decision to follow her. Then something goes wrong, and now Amity is stuck in Luz’s realm with her crush, far away from everything she’s ever known. Getting back home might prove more difficult than she’d originally hoped..."

Subgenre: And They Were Roommates (Oh My God They Were Roommates)

Fics where Amity ends up living at The Owl House.
Downpour by peterparkerpanic: Multichapter, ongoing, 19 414 words, rated G. "The rain was burning everything around her, but Luz’s eyes were caught on Amity – cheeks far more flushed than Luz had ever seen them, panting softly and barely holding up her own umbrella-like forcefield to prevent herself from getting burnt. The acid rain bit at her feet, which were turned in on each other, and added to the feeling of her hunched-over shoulders – that Amity looked small, and flustered, and vulnerable. “I’m sorry,” Amity began, a tremor on her lips that Luz wanted to, but couldn’t, discount to the cold. “I didn’t know where else to go. Can I stay?” The Amity-runs-away-from-home AU, because something is up with her parents, and we all know it."
EC A Luminous Bond by Skiddows: Multichapter, ongoing, 46 027 words, rated T. "One disastrous night will change Amity's life forever. Seeking solace in her friend, she and Luz will learn more about each other as they embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery. They push the boundaries of their friendship, explore the world of magic and might just find a way to help a certain Owl Lady along the way." Amity is outed to her parents and flees to the Owl House.

The Blight Siblings

Fics focusing on the Blight siblings’…sibling dynamic. Surprise.
Hope for the Best by Undead_Crow: Oneshot, 1577 words, rated G. Emira and Edric, both stood up at Grom, lean on a wall of the Hexside gymnasium. They watch their little sister succeed where they could not, and debate nature vs. nurture.
Sibling Rulebook by whitebeltwriter: Oneshot, 1781 words, rated G “Amity needs advice from her sister about why she can't stop thinking about a certain human.”
New Edric’s Bright Idea by Amity_towards_all: Oneshot, 5229 words, rated G. Pre-canon. Edric has noticed the way their mother always complements his and Emira’s hair when Amity is nearby. When Odalia’s manipulation comes to a head, Edric tries to find some small way for Amity to hold onto her identity. Featuring protective big bro Edric — this is possibly the only fic I’ve read where Edric is the twin who’s most in tune with Amity’s needs.
”Why can’t you be more like your sibling?” by Sepublic: Oneshot, 10 567 words, rated G. “Emira and Edric were forced to stay by each other's side to survive. To maintain their only social connection with each other, the twins had to become virtually identical and inseparable. It was their only way to withstand their parents' abuse; Together. But with the arrival of their younger sister Amity, and later the introduction of Luz Noceda...The Blight Twins are forced to re-evaluate who they are, why they're like that, and most importantly...See who they are as individuals. And they may not like the answer they find.” A deep examination of Edric and Emira’s codependence, their treatment of Amity, and the cycle of abuse.
Closed Book by flipomatic: Multichapter, complete, 12 027 words, rated G. Emira makes an effort to know her little sister. Sibling bonding and other fluffy feelings.

Subgenre: Vinira and Jerdric

Fics featuring Viney x Emira and/or Jerbo x Edric.
Emira Blight is Ruining my Life (and other short stories) by richynepp: Multichapter, ongoing, 11 221 words, rated G. The multi-track gang isn’t sure why the Blight twins are so interested in them lately. One thing’s for sure, though: it can’t be good. Vinira and Jerdric in one fic.
It Started With a Crash Landing by The_Wolf_of_Winter: Multichapter, ongoing, 19 917 words, rated T. “Emira thought her Grom night was completely ruined but a curious girl dropped out of the sky and made her forget why she was upset in the first place.”
Shortcuts by flipomatic: Multichapter, complete, 22 674 words, rated G. “When Emira is barred from the secret passages through the school by the multi-track girl who guards them, she knows what she has to do...All she has to do is be nice enough to Viney to gain her approval. At least, that’s how it started. Sometimes things change.”

Comedy and Crack

Fics written primarily for humor. May include crack and wacky hijinks.
Mortfessions of a Shoprickholic by TheFoolsYouSee: Oneshot, 1125 words, rated M. Rick and Morty happen upon Eda’s human collectibles stand. Rick gets dunk’d on.
The Milk by WritesMinelli: Oneshot, 1961 words, rated G. "Eda Clawthorne kills the President of the United States." Back at home, Lilith is disrespected.
New Love Can Get You Down by Masterweaver: Multichapter, ongoing, 4760 words, rated G. Soulmate AU but it’s Untitled Goose Game. I’m not kidding. Featuring uselessly crushing Amity, Avatar of Chaos Luz, relentless mockery from wingwoman Willow, and top-tier Boiling isles shenanigans. And also a horrible goose.
Social Media, Witchipedia by Ink_stained_quills: Multichapter, complete, 8450 words, rated T. Luz, King, Gus, Willow, and the Blight siblings run wild on the Boiling Isles’ versions of social media and YouTube. Their YouTube channel is called TwoAndAHalfWitches. Amity is a class-S simp.
Hoot's Line Is It, Anyway? by meowloudly15: Multichapter, complete, 9037 words, rated G. Gus hosts an improv show at The Owl House, with Eda, King, Luz, and Amity as performers and various Bonesborough residents in the audience. Funny and charming in equal measure.
New Emperor Belos: Great Dictator, Average Father by FoxOnPie: Multichapter, ongoing, 9074 words, rated T. “Many people thought that a marriage between a human nurse and the almighty dictator of a magical world was doomed to fail. Well, Camilia Noceda and Emperor Belos got married despite the naysayers, and after eighteen years, they are still divorced. At least their daughter always has fun with them, whether as a regular face in the crowd or as the princess of the Boiling Isles.” Featuring ‘Eldritch Horror Belos’ and wildly shifted character dynamics due to Luz’s status as future Empress. Incredible tongue-in-cheek humor.

The Bad Witch Boscha Therapy Corner

Fics which feature Boscha realizing she’s a terrible person. And also sometimes that she’s gay. Anyway, themes of mental health and redemption are big in these ones. And yes, I know some of y’all hate Boscha, but she’s basically in the same boat as Amity without a Luz to pull her out, so chill out and crack one of these bad boys open.
So long as she looks at me, only me (but she’s not really there, is she) by Smokestarrules: Oneshot, 4608 words, rated T. A reflection on Boscha’s relationship with one Amity Blight. In which Boscha doesn’t truly know Amity, until it’s too late.
Jackal’s Ladder (and climbing my way to you) by wordpainter15: Multichapter, complete, 18 444 words, rated T. As Boscha struggles with depression and self-hatred, an unfortunate bit of arson consigns her to be Willow’s greenhouse assistant. Hopefully, Boscha can make things right.
The New Normal by Milly_Blank: Multichapter, ongoing, 23 245 words, rated T. Boscha may have won the grudgby match, but she lost so much more. As her friends cut her off and her popularity wanes, Boscha’s life and mental health spiral out of control. Is there any hope for someone as broken as her? Angst, hurt/comfort, and lots of crying.


For fics I couldn’t quite place into any general category. Still great, though.
I need you (Here with me) by Halloweenlord: Oneshot, 703 words, rated T. “Eda is captured by Belos. King doesn't take it well.” One of the few fics that actually respects King as a character with real emotions and relationships. A heartbreaking angstfest set post-AOAW.
Nothing lasts, nothing holds all of me by Kroolea: Oneshot, 775 words, rated T. “The words sting, more than anything Luz has heard.” Exploring the deeper connotations behind Lilith’s final words in AOAW — ‘Go back to your world. This one’s ours.’
EC Ghost of You by RainbowJeff: Multichapter, complete, 13 156 words, rated T. After a tragic accident, Amity is haunted by the ghost of Luz — a victim of Amity’s uncontrolled magic. This is the most tragic, melancholy fic I’ve ever read. Top-tier writing. 10/10 would experience true suffering again.
Dialectic by tacomeurte: Multichapter, complete, 13 501 words, rated T. Post-AOAW. Luz and her friends storm the Emperor’s castle, racing to save Eda. But can Amity be trusted?
The Sky Pirate’s Magical Odyssey by FoxOnPie: Multichapter, ongoing, 27 520 words, rated T. AU where the Demon Realm is the same, but Luz is a sky pirate/mad inventor from a steampunk version of Earth. A great AU for showing off Luz’s personality.
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2020.10.09 14:26 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 9th, 2020

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2020.10.09 03:18 Dbrem List of Dutch references in DRH S1E4

Hallo allemaal, I hope you enjoyed this weeks (very frantic) episode of Drag Race Holland! Either this episode was rather light on the Dutch references and jokes, or I missed some things. Still, I’m here to explain the references, no matter how few of them there are!
I don’t know how the reads in the mini challenge were translated, so I’ll just focus on specific cultural references for now and check back in after I’ve gotten my hands on some English subtitles.
Reading challenge:
As for the main challenge, I pretend I do not see it. Next!
Judges' critiques:
Trailer for next week:
Next week is Snatch Game, which will probably have a lot more culturally specific jokes than the previous episodes. I’ll try my best to explain all of it next week, but there are a few characters I’m not too familiar with. I figured I’d give you all a little explainer beforehand just so you know who the queens are playing at least. This is all in the trailer for next week, but some might consider it a spoiler so proceed with caution
Feel free to add more if I missed anything, especially since I didn’t really pick up a lot this episode!
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Single Ladies After Show Season 3 Episode 11 'One Step ... single ladies season 3 - YouTube Single Ladies + The Hook Up + Season 3 Episode 2 + VH1 The Single Life web series - Episodes 1-3

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Single Ladies is a modern, sexy series set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity that will constantly explore which woman has the right appro... Single Ladies Season 3 episode 4 That thug passion! by Nevosorandom Yeah. 13:41 (Funny) The Cast Of 'Single Ladies' Play A Game 'Single or Put A Ring On It!' by C Nikky. 7:50. Vh1 Single Ladies Season 1 Promo 2011 - Duration: 0:31. Naszah Streater 840 views. ... Single Ladies + Fashion Breakdown Season 3 Episode 7 + VH1 - Duration: 2:51. VH1 14,934 views. The cast of Single Ladies recaps Season 3 Episode 2. Catch the new season of Single Ladies premiering Monday January 6th at 9/8c on VH1! Connect with Single Ladies Online Single Ladies Series ... Three friends navigate their way through their lackluster dating, romance and relationship experiences in the chronicles of 'The Single Life.' Episode 1 'Meet Raven' Episode 2 'Meet Angela ... AFTERBUZZ TV — Single Ladies edition, is a weekly 'after show' for fans of Single Ladies. In this episode host Stephaune Wallace breaks down the episode in w... historia de antonio & raquel single ladies season 2 episode 3 640x360 by Ani Kuklka Levy. 6:25 [Deleted video] Single Ladies After Show Season 3 Episode 9 'Cat and Mouse' AfterBuzz TV by ...